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Consero Group is an international leader in creating high-level, invitation-only events for senior executives. Since its inception in 2010, the company has hosted over 150 events in the U.S. and Europe across a variety of industries. The Legal Operations forum are created to address top-of-mind issues in a conversation exchange amount industry thought leaders. The sessions, round tables, and business meetings enable participants to share lessons, expertise, leadership skills, and practical tools.

Mitratech looks forward to participating in this elite forum and learning from other thought leaders in the industry. As a sponsor, Mitratech will host a round table “KnowledgeBridge” discussion which will engage in advanced dialogue in a boardroom style setting. Join Chris Kraft as he opens the conversation on the many ways workflow automation helps Legal Ops lead an enterprise toward greater efficiency, responsiveness, compliance, security, and ROI.

Session details:

“Changing the Paradigm in Legal Ops with Workflow Automation”
As Legal Operations grows, it reaches across other departments and stakeholders employing its services. But as it grows, so do the size and number of integrations between legacy technologies. At some point, neither these integrations or the older platforms they connect can sustain further growth.
Until recently, pushing past this ceiling required building new integrations that were prohibitively costly. But now there’s a way to solve this challenge without expensive development or rip-and-replace.

  • How SaaS workflow automation can lend new life to legacy systems by cost-effectively scaling to the growth and integration demands of Legal Ops teams and the other departments and stakeholders that rely on them.
  • How it enables end-user interactions across multiple systems, while keeping the user experience pleasant, centralized, and seamless.
  • How workflow automation provides the “glue” that can unite an enterprise’s entire legal ecosystem.
  • Why workflow automation is the indispensable cornerstone of digital transformation, BPM, and more.
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February 10-12, 2019

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Fashion Island Hotel Newport Beach

690 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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