June 17 • 1PM-5:30PM BST | 8am-12:30 EST | 7AM-11:30AM CST

COVID-19 has challenged companies and their compliance departments in unprecedented ways. Without your expertise as a compliance professional when it comes to the people, processes, and technology needed to ensure continued collaboration? The business ecosystem could literally break down overnight.

The governance, risk and compliance community is going to lead the way out of this crisis, and this virtual summit will help show how.  We’ve gathered outstanding industry experts alongside professionals like you to share strategies for strengthening business continuity – now and in the post-pandemic future.
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What’s in store for every attendee?

  • Hear from compliance professionals about the impacts of COVID-19.
  • Learn how teams are leading the way right now in maintaining business continuity for the entire business.
  • Discover how to drive Business Continuity Transformation™ in order to evolve and expand an enterprise’s future capacity to continue Business-As-Usual during crises and disruptions.

The agenda

Welcome Session: Leading Through Change

Mike Williams, CEO and Mark Delgado, Managing Director of GRC at Mitratech will open the conference with their remarks before we dive into our guest filled sessions!


  • Mike Williams – CEO at Mitratech
  • Mark Delgado – Managing Director of GRC at Mitratech


First Session: Applying Lean Processes: How Workflow Automation Can Help Teams in Times of Significant Upheaval

Brian McGovern, General Manager of Workflow Solutions at Mitratech will demonstrate how combining Lean Sigma Six practices and workflow automation allows professionals the agility and efficiency needed to maintain business continuity in times of significant upheaval. While business uncertainty is an obvious impact of this pandemic, this is a great time for organizations to take a step back and review their processes.


  • Brian McGovernGeneral Manager of Workflow Solutions at Mitratech

Second Session: Reducing Policy, Model and EUC Risk During COVID – Lessons Learnt, How Well Have We Fared

With the pandemic causing a sudden transition to a remote workforce, the complications created – and the related risks attached – are never ending! Technology systems offer the best chance of compliance across the enterprise. Joined by guest speakers, we’ll be discussing the risks caused by the pandemic and asking the question ‘how well have we fared?’.


  • Igor Prizant – Managing Director at Ernst & Young
  • Deepa Ghosh – Head of EUCT Governance Technology and Reporting at Wells Fargo
  • Jon Hill – Head of the New York Chapter of the Model Risk Managers International Association
  • Jeremy Condie – VP Americas at Mitratech

Third Session: Paperless Workflows to Support a Remote Environment

Hear from our client, Family Building Society to learn how they have utilized technology to overcome challenges associated with the pandemic. The Building Society very quickly noticed an urgent requirement to handle the repayment agreements for those customers who have taken COVID-19 related mortgage payment holidays, and designed an effective way to address this need.


  • Daniel Condon – Business Transformation Manager at Family Building Society
  • Mark Delgado – Managing Director at Mitratech

Fourth Session: Data Privacy in the time of COVID

Remaining passive or reactive about data privacy compliance? That’s not an option if you consider the potential risks and costs, the reputational damage, and negative impacts on profitability. With Data Privacy regulations showing no signs of slowing despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, what features should a technology buyer look for in the various solutions available? Join our guest panel to find out!


  • Michael Rasmussen – GRC Pundit & Analyst at GRC 20/20
  • Stacey Garrett – Shareholder of Keesal, Young & Logan
  • Mark Delgado – Managing Director at Mitratech

Fireside Chat: Looking Past the Pandemic

An open discussion covering the topic of overcoming the current strain on the compliance department and how you can assist your company not just survive this uncertain time, but help drive Business Continuity Transformation in the years to come.


  • Dan Torjussen-Proctor – Managing Director at UK Finance
  • Sam Lee – Head of Operational Risk, EMEA at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Richard Smith – Risk & Compliance Director

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Wednesday, June 17th

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