The Rising Role of Legal Analytics

Even just a few years ago, data existed, but wasn’t viewed as completely valuable. Until experts (and the solutions they created) figured out what to do with it all. Now, reporting and legal analytics software are an essential piece for making sure your legal management and legal operations are on the right side of history.

Gaining access to your data

With all your legal analytics and management information stored in a single source of truth, Legal Operations has the opportunity to mine their own data for valuable insights now more than ever.

By providing the visibility and measurement to show progress and effectiveness of strategies in reaching departmental goals?  Legal analytics software can enable the entire team to use data within the decision-making process.

Through dashboards and better tools for accessing data, users are able to consume, analyze, visualize and interact with data through a user-friendly interface that provides detailed views relevant to the needs and preferences of each person or role.

Reducing legal spend

When you have better access to your legal analytics, you can use those insights to drive down legal spend.

Just a few ways you can achieve this?

  • Compare costs and outcomes to better evaluate your outside counsel selection.
  • Quickly surface and share the status of legal analytics spend and matter work-in-progress.
  • Recognize trends and inefficiencies so you can make value-driving adjustments

When you can drill into legal analytics directly from dashboards and get specific answers more quickly and easily, uncovering new ways to reduce legal spend is easy.

Driving competitive advantage and value with legal analytics software

If you don’t have the right reporting and legal analytics tools for driving actionable insights and value from Legal Operations, chances are high you’ll fall behind competitors that do.

Why? Several leading Legal departments have already driven competitive advantage for their companies through using data to:

  • Gain access to new patents and new markets faster than their competitors
  • Complete mergers, acquisitions and contracts more rapidly and at lower cost
  • Save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars from cutting costs and improving efficiencies unlocked by data in their Legal department

Reporting and legal analytics are one essential piece for making sure your legal management and legal operations are on the right side of history.