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Take a look at our monthly updates for a comprehensive review of everything you need to know about regulatory changes in the industry.

In this episode of our RegFacts briefing series, join our host Donna Cameron, Senior Regulatory Compliance Expert, as she takes you through a high-level recap of what the Continuity team addressed this past December 2022.

In this episode:
  • CRA 2022 released 2 of their Data Entry Software (DES).
  • CRA disclosure statements for 2021 are available.
  • CRA 2023 thresholds announced.
  • CFPB changes to closed-end HMDA reporting threshold.
  • CFPB revised the HELOC booklet.
  • FFIEC revised examination procedures for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • NCUA expiration of emergency exemption from certain in-person meeting requirements.
  • FinCEN proposed regulations for beneficial ownership information access and safeguards.
  • OFAC regulations on illicit drug trade sanctions.
  • FDIC guidelines for appeals of material supervisory determinations.
  • FDIC official sign and advertising requirements.
  • Federal Reserve Policy on Payment System Risk and much more.

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