Continuity’s Technology Enabled Performance Solutions

Your financial organization needs effective ways to ensure you meet compliance mandates — at an affordable fee structure. Adding a full/part time manager dedicated exclusively to the compliance role is not practical or affordable to ensure positive outcomes.

Our Solution: Continuity — OnDemand Compliance Consulting

Continuity’s consultants operate as an extension of your compliance department. Depending on your needs, we assign a consultant or a team of industry veterans to help you implement a forward-looking Compliance Management Solution (CMS).


Whether you’re just starting out or have goals to enhance your current compliance process, our team can help your team craft a scalable solution that’s effective and garners executive management and board buy-in. Our compliance technology, combined with the guidance of our consultants help you seamlessly plan, execute, track, manage and sustain every aspect of your compliance process — a non-negotiable discipline. Our performance solutions provide the intelligence you need to make informed decisions. Our consultants will guide you to the right mix of products and provide the ongoing counsel you need to manage federal regulatory changes to optimize your compliance management processes.


Your Continuity consultant is a certified expert with more than 10 years of direct experience as former regulators, compliance
officers, regulatory attorneys, former bankers, technologists and auditors and strategic planners.


OnDemand Consulting Oversight: Meeting You at Your Level of Need & Budget Requirements

Our industry veterans help you achieve your compliance goals utilizing a combination of technology, like our flagship compliance products RegAdvisor Pro & State, and through regular remote interactions by phone, web or video conference. Our consultants work with your employees, officers and directors to reduce regulatory burden and drive optimal performance.


To meet you where your needs are at any given time, you choose the mix of compliance tools, along with the time you require for consulting services. Your annual subscription fee is based on your product selection and the percentage of time you choose to assign to your compliance consultant. This enables you to build a fee structure that reflects your current needs, priorities and your budget.

How it works

By combining our automated, cloud-based technology with dedicated experts to guide your compliance process, you ensure your compliance management strategy and your operating environment will be best-in-class, at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.


A Continuity consultant assists your financial institution by performing some or all of the roles and responsibilities that would typically be performed by a compliance manager. We begin by meeting with your team to establish the needs and priorities of your compliance management strategy. We establish an account profile, which determines weekly, monthly or quarterly meeting and reporting schedules. We provide executive management updates, performance reports, outcomes and accountability for results at agreed upon intervals. With workflows that drive compliant outcomes, designed by regulatory experts and leveraging leading practices approaches, executives can be confident that current regulatory requirements have been incorporated into all of your financial institution’s business processes. As the complexity of managing risk continues to escalate, Continuity’s technology enabled performance solutions will help address the challenges you face and help you streamline your compliance process. This can reduce time interpreting regulations by over 70%, to contain costs and increase operational efficiencies.