Remote I-9 verification services that meet your staffing challenges of today und tomorrow

Have you wondered how to verify I-9 remotely? Compliance challenges are more prevalent than ever, I-9 verification for remote employees remains an integral part of the onboarding process. Tracker I-9 eases the burden for HR professionals and hiring managers, providing efficiency and accuracy at every stage of the remote I-9 process from anywhere.

Why adopt remote I-9 verification?

Solve the remote hiring challenge: Manage timelines of all remote hires from one simple interface. Our Network Alliance fully automates Section 2 ID Verification for mobile and remote employees located anywhere within the U.S.

Streamline Section 2 ID Verifications: Considering an out-of-state hire? Access any of our approved Remote I-9 Centers conveniently located in any city across all 50 states.  Effortlessly schedule Section 2 in-person document verification meetings to ensure on-time processing.

Control the I-9 verification process from anywhere

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Seamless Section 2 processing

Tracker I-9 offers a seamless and automated process for ensuring documents in Section 2 are properly verified for every remote hire across the U.S.

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A nationwide tracker network

With a single click, gain access to thousands of Section 2 verification agents ready to conduct in-person validation of a remote hire’s identity.

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Manage hiring from anywhere you are

Securely manage remote hires, I-9 deadlines, and workflows remotely from any mobile or desktop device – a necessity for managers in the field.

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Upload documents with ease (and security)

Securely utilize any device’s camera to capture and upload high-quality pictures of List A/B/C documents – leaving no trace on the device, and completely compatible with iOS and Android.

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Smart workflows for on-time scheduling

Our automated smart workflows ensure on-time scheduling for in-person verification practically anywhere in the country. Save time while reducing unnecessary communication with remote hires.

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Alerts and updates to protect compliance

Receive mobile or desktop alerts and updates throughout the process to ensure complete compliance for every remote hire with an I-9 agent.

Get quick help with your I-9 compliance for remote employees & E-Verify requirements

Our on-demand I-9 Help Center is standing by to assist with processing Form I-9s and E-Verify for remote hires – from simple compliance questions to handling the entire remote-hire workflow, including facilitating communication between the employee and Section 2 processing center.

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