10 Legal Operations Benefits from Automating Content Management
10 Legal Operations Benefits from Automating Content Management

10 Legal Operations Benefits from Automating Content Management

Kelli Negro |

When Legal Operations adopts a workflow automation platform, it should pick a product that provides it with “smart” content management capabilities for document-driven processes.

What does “smart” mean, though? That it not only has embedded business intelligence, adaptability and flexibility, but it allows you to leverage the smarts, expertise and experience of your Legal Ops team in new ways, too.

So without further ado, let’s walk through a list of 10 benefits to Legal Operations from automating “smart” legal content management workflows.

1. ROI that’s ASAP

Quick payback is commonplace, as cost savings and productivity gains from a SaaS legal workflow automation tool happen almost immediately.

2. Eliminating content & clause re-creation

An SaaS content management solution spares lawyers and staff from re-creating content, which speeds up turnarounds and reduces costs or write-offs.

3. Alignment from a single source of truth

A centralized SaaS content repository makes it far easier for Legal Ops employees anywhere to locate, manage, share and analyze content, and drives compliance.

4. Preservation of invaluable expertise

The expertise of lawyers and staff gets embedded in your workflow designs and content, and remains perpetually available, even after they’ve left your organization.

5. Accurate form & document completion

The use of dynamic forms and document templates by a full-featured automation platform guides accurate completion and submission.

6. Reduction in process errors

By standardizing and automating repetitive (and error-prone) tasks such as routing, archiving and notifications, or even complex/critical tasks like inserting content and clauses.

7. Productivity and utilization improvements

Freed from the mundane and repetitive aspects of contract or document creation, lawyers and staff can put their time into tasks that produce greater value.

8. Enhanced communication and collaboration

A top-shelf legal automation platform helps your “legal ecosystem” of internal and external legal minds work together more effectively, resulting in better legal services and outcomes (yet at less cost).

9. Improved process speed, efficiency, and completion rates

Process participants will always be following optimized, predefined project paths where assets and repetitive tasks are automated, saving time, labor, and materials.

10. Empowerment of digital governance

Execution and compliance can be verified due to near-complete transparency into any workflow.

The benefits of a workflow automation/DTM SaaS solution for Legal Operations go far beyond these. Simply for accelerating and optimizing document development processes that are at the core of Legal Ops, however, lawyers shouldn’t hesitate to embrace everything it can deliver.