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4 Ways to Ensure Data is Current Within Your Legal Operations Solution

By Corbin French, Professional Services Division Lead, Mosaic 

As a Mitratech Service Partner and sponsor of Interact 2020, Mosaic has some useful guidance to offer on how to make sure data that’s essential to your Legal Ops tech solutions is up-to-date.

Confirm user permissions

Regardless of the solution that your organization has implemented to further the success of your Legal team, user permissions are an incredibly important data point to check regularly. Often, we find ourselves in the midst of a change in personnel or an internal shift in responsibilities. Making sure that the right people can make necessary changes and making sure that you limit access to other users simultaneously is key.

This is especially the case when any confidential information or documentation is being processed through your current workflows. Having your solution be a direct reflection of your internal organizational structure protects you from any breach of privacy for both you and your clients.

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Run reports to identify stale data

Identifying stale data stored in your solution will save you both time and money. Once the time parameters of how long data can be stored is defined, outdated data is easily identified. If there are outdated workflows, documents, or even vendors present in your platform, the data extracted from your solution will be inaccurate. Identifying inaccurate or stale information and updating accordingly is necessary to ensure the key stakeholders remain confident in the accuracy of the data.

Utilize your solution as a tool for communication with outside counsel

Once outside counsel firms and vendors are compliant with any guidelines set in place and you have made a significant investment in your solution, why would you venture outside of that solution to ensure compliance? These solutions are designed to give you the ability to communicate with your firms and vendors without the need to utilize other means of communication. This means that your inhouse team not only saves time by not needing to draft an email or make a phone call, but also allows you to have a centralized method of communication.

Stay up to date on any new feature releases

So, you have invested in an internal solution and it’s working the way that you imagined. That is great, but how often do you ignore the emails that you receive from the hosts of the solution? Solution developers are consistently working to release new features within the platform based on pain points that are experienced and expressed throughout their entire client base. Often, these new solution feature releases are incredibly helpful. They may even solve a problem that you were not aware that you have.

Being aware of all new features in functionality will continue your position of always having the upper hand. Most of the new features that are released by the solution hosts do not require any sort of reconfiguration of your solution. Always be ahead of the curve and keep an eye on any feature that can easily help you achieve your goals.

For more information about assessing and optimizing your current solutions, watch our informative video oder contact Corbin French directly.