5 TeamConnect Use Cases (You Probably Didn’t Know About)

Aneesa Needel |

Wouldn’t it be a game-changer if you could thoroughly customize your ELM solution to fit your legal department’s needs?

The right Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform will be able to scale to meet your legal department’s exact needs – and can take you “anywhere you want to grow.” That’s because organizations with evolving legal management needs face multiple challenges: ensuring process efficiency and best practices, controlling spend, and managing growing complexity.

TeamConnect provides the flexibility needed to meet those challenges, while delivering visibility and demonstrable evidence of legal best practices.

It’s an integrated end-to-end ELM platform that has all the essentials for legal operations: matter management across all legal practice areas, e-Billing, financial management, document management, as well as the flexibility to develop and self-configure new fields, records, workflows, reports, and integrations as operations grow.

Verwaltung der Politik

Global companies have to think about the effects of their policies across all their employees, contractors, partners, customers, and anyone who is somehow connected to their company ecosystem. In order to ensure everyone had the right policies and information at their fingertips, a Fortune 100 Tech company, extended TeamConnect as a Policy Management tool for employees working globally with 3rd party contractors.

This allows for a global compliance solution to ensure contracts meet regulations around the world. This protects both the company and employees, as there are rules and differences in locally or regionally applicable laws depending on where the contract is being signed, whose paper is being used, what the jurisdiction of the contract is, plus other must-note items.

Ownership control

When you’re opening your business based on a franchise or license agreement, there are so many requests that need to be made and rules and regulations to uphold. In these cases, parent companies will use TeamConnect (integrated with multiple systems) to enforce the company’s controls, regulations, and licensing.

States and countries have different rules depending on the type of business, so making sure your share of ownership not only complies with them, and with any other regulations such as how you keep employee records, report filings with regulators, or other necessities, is crucial. TeamConnect helps you ensure all the proper checks and controls are followed.

Product Claim Management

Communicating claims about your products can be exciting, and gets consumers interested and purchasing. With this, however, there’s an inherent trust on the part of consumers that the products fulfill these captivating statements. For example, if a household cleaner works 99.9% of the time, then it always has to meet that level of performance.

By working with the legal department before presenting such claims to the greater population, a company mitigates the risk of costly litigation and long-term damage to brand reputation.

Management von Zwischenfällen

In many industries, incident reporting is mandatory. Managing the lifecycle of incident report-and-resolution is what can be a challenge. Whether it’s retail, IT, hospitality, packaged goods, energy, or any other industry, it’s vital to have a system in place where employees report incidents (as prescribed by your business) directly to Legal, where none of them get lost in the shuffle. In the case of a large retailer, for instance? If there’s an incident of shoplifting, or someone slips and falls in the store, the store manager has the ability to submit this incident within their TeamConnect profile.

It’s another increasingly familiar use case, and we’re finding customers are tackling it by leveraging the integration between TAP + TeamConnect. TAP Workflow Automation acts as the front end (in the field) for incident reporting, and TeamConnect fulfills the requirements to resolve the matter.

Outside Counsel Scorecards

It can be hard to find the right outside counsel for some matters. Using TeamConnect, you can initially and then continuously score how your outside firms are performing against the KPIs you set. For example: When matter data is combined with cost data, one Fortune 100 Energy sector company has optimized the way it evaluates and selects its law firms. Whether in energy or any other sector, finding the right outside counsel to handle specific types of work is essential to efficiency and better outcomes.

This ensures the best is extracted from having outside firms working on your behalf. In-house attorneys can still select the outside counsel they want, but if that choice doesn’t hold up under proper analysis, then another selection can be made. Negotiation is strengthened using this system, and outside firms end up receiving more focused assignments, thank to the ongoing analysis of results.

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