SaaS Cloud Best Practices
SaaS Cloud Best Practices

Best Practices for Your Cloud-Based Legal Matter Management

Matter management software streamlines your legal operations, helping your legal department staff maximize their efficiency, improve collaboration, and deliver results.

By tackling many of the pain points of legal departments (such as inefficient paper filing systems, menial and time-consuming tasks, and lack of actionable data), legal software has many benefits for the department and the whole corporation.

To help you get the most out of a cloud matter management system, we’ve compiled a list of best practices as well as some of the mistakes you should avoid with the system.

4 best practices for your cloud matter management system

A cloud-based matter management system has the flexibility and scope to optimize multiple areas of your legal department. Here are four best practices to help you take advantage of the system’s potential:

Use it as a central repository for your matters

Locating information related to specific matters is difficult with manual matters systems. Manual systems also pose serious risks of losing important documentation. A cloud-based matter management system should be the central repository for the matters across your entire organization.

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Make use of the built-in features

Matter management systems make viewing and organizing data much easier. However, if your employees aren’t aware of the amazing built-in features of matter management software, they will likely waste time completing tasks the manual way. Make use of features that allow you to filter matters based on topics, firms, or specific matters.

Centralize your contracts

Cloud-based matter management systems put important data at your fingertips. Use your system to better manage your contracts by centralizing them. With the tags and keywords features, you can organize and address tasks by expiration date.

Automate task distribution among staff

Legal departments should optimize the workflows and workloads of legal staff with the help of automatic distribution. This feature allows for matters to be distributed with auto-queue and acknowledgment features.

4 mistakes your in-house team should avoid

Adopting a matter management system is an excellent step towards improving efficiency in your legal department. However, there are mistakes your in-house team should avoid in order to use the system to its fullest potential. Be sure to avoid the following:

Using disconnected systems

Your matter management system should act as a central hub for matters in your organization. When employees use separate applications and outside software, the issue of duplicated work can come up, and your team could waste hours on work that has already been completed.

Limiting document visibility

To prevent relevant information from being overlooked, documents should be accessible and visible.

Ignoring automation

Some tasks are better off being automated. Free up staff by utilizing the automation capabilities of your matter management system.

Not using insights from data

By ignoring insights from data, you are missing out on the chance to improve your performance. Acuity ELM offers analytics and reporting features that make actionable data readily available.

With its ability to improve collaboration and efficiency throughout your legal department, the right ELM solution has the flexibility to adapt as a standalone or complementary system, while also being able to grow with an evolving legal department’s needs over time.

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