Circling Back to Customer Success: the TAP Learning Center
Circling Back to Customer Success: the TAP Learning Center

Circling Back to Customer Success: the TAP Learning Center

Kelli Negro |

At Mitratech, we frequently joke about the “circularity” of our product. TAP itself was almost named a circular acronym: instead of the Thinksmart Automation Platform, we almost called it the TAP Automation Platform. Keeping the name TAP in the definition of TAP would make the acronym loop on forever. It makes sense; working at Mitratech can give you the impression you’re looking at yourself looking at yourself looking in a mirror from the vantage point of another mirror.

My job is to train trainers and customers to build processes around processes. Now that I’m knee-deep in helping develop our online Learning Center, that job involves guiding customers into using self-service learning content. Our goal is always to empower our customers, and at Mitratech that means bringing them into our self-referential universe.

We thought about that a lot when building out our new Learning Center. We want to make sure that they have the tools not just to launch the workflows that we build, but to build effective (and very often innovative) workflows themselves.

Every quarter, our customers receive an email about our latest release. Each of those updates offers new features and functionality, enabling us to build ever-cooler workflows that do more work. But we don’t end there.

As I mentioned, we want to empower you to build your own workflows, too! So, we added an extra “loop,” in a way, by helping customers like you to see TAP as a tool that allows you to build your own tools to automate any business process you ever run into.

Serving your success

That’s why we’ve spent all this time bringing you a comprehensive TAP Learning Center. Here, you’ll be able to take a 15-20-minute course on your aspect of choice of the Workflow Builder, peruse the latest release notes, or drill into a specific article from our new Knowledge Base. With just a touch of training, you’ll realize that TAP isn’t just a tool that produces great results, but it’s also a tool that allows you to build your own tools in pursuit of great results.

A tool that doesn’t have a person using it can’t get a job done – and an unused tool eventually loses its nominal status and becomes an antique. At Mitratech, we understand that no matter how life-changing it might be to automate business processes, our product can only be as powerful its utilization, and that utilization depends on the training and knowledge of our TAP users.

With our newest release, we make TAP more powerful than ever – and provide you with the tools to take advantage of all that power. That’s why it leaves the bounds of just being a “product” and enters into being a “customer success platform”: We aren’t just deploying new features, we’re also releasing a new version of our Learning Center, so you can learn TAP at your own pace, focus on the aspects that interest you most, and turn it into a tool for your own success.