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6 Must-Dos at CLOC Vegas Institute 2019

Das Mitratech-Team |

Where’s the future of Legal Operations – and the entire legal industry – being previewed (again) this year? Vegas, baby! 

The Legal Rising movement is catching fire, and the array of innovations and initiatives on display at this year’s CLOC Institute will be more varied and compelling than ever. Somehow, it makes perfect sense that an event with so much energy and excitement should take up a residency in Las Vegas. Like Sting.

With that in mind, let’s list six things during this year’s conference that, in our (perhaps biased) opinion, you’ve got to do!

1 • Check out the progress of Legal Ops

CLOC Institute is a perfect place to gauge the forward progress of the Legal Operations profession as a whole, and 2019 won’t be any different. The steady growth curve for Legal Ops adoption in corporate legal departments doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, and may even be accelerating: the success of CLOC Institute conferences in London and Australia are prime evidence. And experts point out that other Legal Ops markets are only now starting to mature.

Last year’s attendance nearly doubled from the year before. It’s a good bet there’s going to be a sizable bump in this year’s headcount, too. That’s not the kind of bet they’d take on at the Bellagio…but then again, who knows? They’ll book a bet on alles.

Past-Proven, Future-Proofed: Join us at CLOC Institute Vegas

2 • Catch a few big product announcements

We’ve made our share of news at CLOC Institute over the years, like debuting the acquisition of ThinkSmart, or the new product enhancements we presented at CLOC Institute London.  This year, we’ll have “new news” to pass along, especially when it comes to TAP’s expanding capabilities.

There’ll be plenty of other product announcements in Vegas, though, and we couldn’t realistically expect attendees to confine themselves to listening only to what Mitratech has to say.  But that actually works in an industry leader’s favor, even when there’s market disruption and increased competition afoot: The best-designed and best-supported products will always find a way to shine with buyers who do their due diligence in examining the quality of both the product und the provider behind it.

In other words? It’s like a Vegas prizefight: We’re ready to step into the ring with any competitor and dare them to bring it on!

3 • See what Mary’s got to say

It’s no secret there have been changes in CLOC leadership over the past several months. They may be addressed in Mary O’Carroll’s remarks when she opens the conference as CLOC president, or not. But whatever she shares with the CLOC community is liable to be compelling regardless.

She’s been an inspiring and motivating advocate for Legal Ops for years, and has delivered closing speeches that have rallied the troops to the cause of Legal Ops and its transformative potential, and impressed them with the fact they’re at the spearpoint of change. As she put it during one closing speech at CLOC Institute,

Dies ist die Kraft einer Gemeinschaft von Menschen, die eine gemeinsame Vision verfolgen. Gemeinsam gestalten wir die Zukunft der Rechtsbranche.

4 • Do something oh-so-Vegas

Like we said: It’s Vegas!  You probably know people who attend conferences there who wear grooves in the carpet between the meeting rooms, the exhibit hall, and their hotel rooms, but never take a taste of the true Vegas experience – which isn’t just casinos and the nine or ten Cirque de Soleil shows probably running simultaneously right now.

So get out and catch some of the other over-the-top attractions the town has on tap, like:

  • The Neon Museum, which is exactly what it sounds like: a fascinating place to see and even celebrate one of the glitziest and most iconic features of Las Vegas, its dazzling history of making an art form out of bright lights.
  • Be a High Roller — well, ride one, at least; it’s the world’s tallest “observation wheel” at 550 feet, and you can even book a bartender for your 40-minute spin over Sin City.
  • Have a Scorpion Shot at Nacho Daddy, just so you can say you did.
  • Put your foot down at Speed Vegas, where you can drift and drive exotic cars and feed your inner Vin Diesel.
  • Visit an Elvis Chapel…but it’s probably best not to do it after too many Scorpion Shots.

5 • Get an expert preview of Legal Ops 2.0

There are plenty of palm readers and storefront psychics in Las Vegas. But for rock-solid predictions about the real future of Legal Operations and legal tech? Leave it to the pioneers, not the psychics.

They’ll be presenting their insights during our session, Legal Ops 2.0: How Co-Innovation is Driving the Industry’s Future. Our own Jason Parkman joins an all-star group of Legal Ops pathfinders to share their experiences, in true CLOC fashion, about how they’ve modernized and digitized their operations by making collaboration key to success.

Devshree Chauhan of The Gap, Vince Cordo of Shell, Mike Russell of Ingersoll Rand, and Justin Hectus of Keesal Propulsion Labs will explain how to get Legal Ops leaders, CTOs, internal clients, corporate stakeholders, technology providers, and implementation specialists to work together in building Legal Ops 2.0 and improving outcomes and performance at their companies – and how that will lay the groundwork for the next step of evolution after that.

6 • Party with us like it’s Ocean’s Eleven

Or maybe like Nicolas Cage – Honeymoon in Vegas Nic Cage though, definitely not Leaving Las Vegas Nic Cage.

That’s because we’ll be opening up the doors of Hyde at the Bellagio for the evening of Tuesday, May 15, as Mitratech, iManage, and HBR Consulting throw a little shindig (or is it a Hullabaloo?) celebrating the past, present, and future of Legal Ops and legal tech. Our Back to the Future bash will feature plenty of cocktails,  hors d’oeuvres, mixing and mingling with fellow professionals, and a chance to enjoy Hyde’s patio and its prime view of the spectacular Fountains of Bellagio.

As Danny Ocean himself would ask, “Are you in?”  Then make your reservation right now.  We’ll be partying straight into the future…or at least until the wee hours of Wednesday!

Ready to see the latest innovations in legal tech?

Mitratech's leaders will be onsite to show you what's new – at CLOC Vegas 2019, May 14-16th.