HR Software and Technology Solutions
HR Software and Technology Solutions

Finding the Right HR Software Solution for One Global Workforce

Shay Misra |

The HR Tech Spring Virtual Conference 2021 just wrapped up, packed full of keynote talks, demos, and sessions highlighting the HR software and technologies trends.

Die conference featured over 200 speakers and more than 160 sessions covering valuable insights for all of the HR community in attendance. COVID-19, diversity and inclusion, and new tech to ensure remote work success were among the top themes for the four-day event.

The pandemic created numerous challenges for organizations as they had to adapt quickly and transform to a digital and remote-first workforce mindset. For many companies, workforces are increasingly global and connected, requiring a more global mindset and toolkit.  So in 2021, HR teams have had a lot on their agendas, and offering flexibility and enhancing employee experience is at the forefront of most employers.

One of the most prominent themes this year involved spotlighting the employee and human connection as part of the HR toolkits for executives.

More than lip service

Organizations need to focus on not just paying lip service to the employee and human connection, but on understanding that an organization’s most valuable assets are the people who possess its indispensible knowledge and capabilities. In order to support those assets, organizations must treat their human resources as humans first and resources second.

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Incorporating well-being into organizational toolkits is nicht just an exercise in understanding the right vendors and choosing the right partners. Rather, it’s an exercise in re-working the entire HR technology stack from the bottom up around the central theme of a workflow-oriented HR process where employees feel well taken care of.

The evolving role of HR software and technology

Mitratech has, obviously, been a staunch advocate for technology, especially HR software, that enables organizations to create best-in-class automated workflows and digitized processes that enhance employee engagement, reduce downtime, and eliminate compliance concerns.

As some experts have pointed out, many existing HCM systems are played out and unable to cope with the changes being driven by the pandemic and other workforce dynamics.  There’s a demand for new HR software solutions that not only perform well on their own, but integrate effectively with existing tech stacks.

With the rising focus on employee engagement, these kinds of solutions empower organizations to design workflows that empower their workers to collaborate remotely, with less friction, allowing them to focus on what is most important for your business. In our own case, we’ll be redoubling our focus on supporting the human and employee connections through investing in HR software solutions and technology platforms that assist HR teams in automating workflows and spurring new efficiencies.

Applying new ideas and resources

This year’s HR Tech Spring Conference was all about redefining and reimagining HR for the new era. We’re excited to be a part of the ongoing transformation of HR software and technology. Click hier to see the resources we put at your fingertips that help illustrate how Mitratech can be a fantastic boon to your HR team’s performance.

If the past year has taught us anything?  It’s how to come together as a community, country, and human beings. More than ever, now is the time to focus on the “human” in “human resources” and thrive as an interconnected and unified global workforce.

Coping with COVID: 96% of HR professionals in the US feel their organizations have effectively handled new ways of working as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to SHRM.

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