How Our Policy Management Software Was “Perfect Timing” for HMSHost

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Global companies find that the right Policy Management software helps them solve a glaring issue: The multitude of inconsistent policy documents and terms that can spring up as they grow.

HMSHost logoGlobal restaurateur HMSHost is a world leader in creating dining for travel venues, operating in more than 120 airports around the globe and 99 travel plazas in North America, with annual sales over of $3.1 billion and more than 39,500 sales associates worldwide. Policy Management is obviously a key challenge for a company of such size and scope.

As a new PolicyHub Fallstudie points out, HMSHost undertook to inventory existing policies and found that many policies and procedures didn’t follow the same format or use the same defined terms. For a global concern like HMSHost, that can a recipe for trouble, and they set out to exclude it from the menu.

Victoria (Tori) Lang, HMSHost’s Senior Manager of Policies & Procedures, put together a cross-functional team to establish a shared naming and numbering convention, uniform templates, and have the policies reflect a common writing style. As she put it:

“Understanding our current policy management landscape led to an opportunity to significantly improve policy management and eliminate inefficiencies. We faced the normal challenge of gaining top-driven support, seeking buy-in from senior management, department-by-department. Part of our success in obtaining support for policy management improvements started with a proof of concept in one functional area.”

How policy management software paid off…

The ability to report on employee compliance, understanding and attestations is pivotal to the success of an effective Policy Management and compliance program. Insights delivered by a good Policy Management software solution can help management identify and respond to ineffective or misunderstood policies for the good of both their employees und their greater compliance function.

HMSHost chose PolicyHub as the Policy Management software that was the right fit for their needs, as it provides an automated way to generate and distribute policy compliance reports to key department stakeholders, helping to reduce exposure to risks and noncompliance, as Tori Lang explains:

"PolicyHub stellt sicher, dass die richtigen Richtlinien zur richtigen Zeit an die richtigen Mitarbeiter weitergegeben werden, was für die Bereitstellung eines Audit-Trails für die Compliance-Behörden von entscheidender Bedeutung ist.

Some of the other benefits HMSHost has seen from applying Policy Management software?

  • PolicyHub helped HMSHost create a single, unified “meta” policy that established a process for the development, approval, administration, and maintenance of policy and procedure documents.
  • They reduced the number of policies within its Operations Finance division from 120 to 40, all while maintaining strong internal controls.
  • And they streamlined policy and procedure content from 240 pages to 90 pages, saving HMSHost associates 150 pages of reading.

To get the in-depth story, please check out the free Fallstudie to uncover the simple and direct process involved in solving HMSHost’s policy and compliance challenges.

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"Perfektes Timing" - HMSHost PolicyHub Fallstudie

Find out how PolicyHub helped one global company create a unified policy framework for greater efficiency and compliance.