How to Engage & Recruit the Right Candidates up to 77% Faster
How to Engage & Recruit the Right Candidates up to 77% Faster

How to Engage & Recruit the Right Candidates up to 77% Faster

Emily Bogin |

Key steps for staying ahead in today’s competitive hourly market.

Did you know that job-seekers consider company values to be of utmost importance when deciding whether to take a job – or even to apply? A recent Forbes article reveals that 87% of Millennials and 84% of Gen Z job applicants identify working at a company with values match their own to be important. 95% of applicants find a company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies to be relevant and a potential decision-driver in the job selection process. 

In order to make job openings appealing to the right candidates, recruiters must consider a wide range of factors, from creating brand messaging that shows off company values to making it easy for applicants to zip through the application without getting tied up in repetitive questions (after all, a study shows that 60% of job applicants will quit an application due to length or complexity!).

Recruiting in a competitive hourly market

Strategies for recruiting new employees will change depending on the kind of workers that you are looking to hire. For example, in the unstable economic situation in which we currently find ourselves, there is a strange reality that while thousands of tech workers have been laid off, thousands of jobs are being created elsewhere – in leisure, hospitality, and restaurants. Competition is growing for these jobs. ZipRecruiter, for example, currently has half a million job postings open. The result is that recruiters must be extra strategic–and speedy–in order to engage the right candidates and then bring them through the hiring process.

Companies that hire hourly workers need a talent management system that allows them to turn the dial from quantity to quality of applicants as needed. It’s critical that this “dial” is dynamic: when there are fewer job seekers than there are roles, companies dial up the quantity approach to pull more candidates into the talent pool, and when the talent pool is overflowing with options and becomes difficult to manage, companies should dial into quality to ensure that only the best fits filter through to the interview stage. As these market conditions ebb and flow, companies favor a strategy that allows them to balance their needs with the job climate. 

Leveraging the right tools for successful engagement

As industries vye for talent, recruiters in these domains find themselves looking to the technologies that will best assist them in successful hiring. These recruiters navigate the nuances of hiring for quality versus hiring for quantity – are they looking for the best candidates from a large pool, or are they prioritizing bulk hires across multiple franchise locations? No matter how a recruiter hires, and no matter what they prioritize, the right software solution will enable them to move quickly, streamline steps, and optimize their decisions. 

How to Engage & Recruit the Right Candidates up to 77% Faster

Today’s hourly workforce candidates demand faster, more intuitive ways to find jobs and apply. To stay competitive in a fast-paced hiring market, focus your energy where it counts – on attracting and engaging the right candidates with brand messaging that drives quality engagement. 

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