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Previewing Interact 2019: The Technology Empowering Legal Ops Transformation

Das Mitratech-Team |

At Interact 2019, we’ll be holding multiple sessions about the Menschen und Processes behind Legal Ops transformation. The third pillar? Technologie – and how our client community innovatively applies it.

What’s the prospective impact of technology on corporate legal departments, and on the legal profession as a whole? Richard Susskind, author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers, summed it up neatly:

“The next two decades will bring more changes to legal institutions and lawyers than have the last two centuries.”

That’s a powerful paradigm shift, when you think about it. The traditional conservatism of the profession is being rapidly overturned by the bottom-line pressures of modern, agile business, and the ever-changing dynamics of the marketplaces where companies and a lawyer’s clients have to compete.  They either have to keep pace themselves, or else their clients will go find another provider.

Technology is only a tool for the community

We’ve had a ringside seat at witnessing Legal Ops transformation, and have gained a fair reputation when it comes to even contributing to that evolution. So in our experience, what are  the qualities Legal Ops technology adopters are looking for from the technologies they’re evaluating?

  • SaaS-based simplicity of adoption, operation, scalability, and economy
  • The ability to deliver immediate ROI results and quickened Time-to-Value
  • Ease of use for even non-technical users
  • An ability to extend a technology’s efficiencies and benefits beyond Legal Ops
  • An enduring 100% commitment to client success from a best-in-class support team
  • The willingness of the provider to give the client/user a strong voice in future product roadmapping
  • A strong, engaged client/user community that’s enhanced by worthwhile community events und co-innovation tools allowing online sharing of ideas and best practices

For Interact 2019, we’re putting products (and users) in the spotlight

At Interact 2019, we’ve set out a complete track of sessions dedicated to Technology. As part of that, we’ll be setting the stage to share the insights and ideas being generated not just by our in-house product experts, but by the Legal Ops professionals who are using these technologies every day.

The Buyer’s Guide to Legal Technology

A legal tech stack isn’t the same as the technology adopted by other departments in the organization. That fact alone puts Legal Operations professionals in the position of explaining to other internal stakeholders, such as procurement, finance and IT teams, why the business of legal is different and requires a dedicated product roadmap and investment. In this session, attendees will get information they can use with corporate teams outside of Legal to provide context and guidance around the systems and requirements that are important to Legal. They’ll walk away with ideas they can use to own, drive and manage the legal technology procurement process, and become corporate advocates/champions for Legal Operations interests.

eCounsel Analysis Center: Becoming a Strategic Partner Through Reporting

Data-based reporting is truly important to business stakeholders.  In this session, dedicated to our eCounsel users, learn what we’re hearing from clients about reporting needs in the legal marketplace, as well as how to best meet these market trends with eCounsel.  Also, you’ll probably want to be on hand to hear an exciting announcement about the future of eCounsel reporting.

Mitratech’s Legal Ops Roadmap

Over the last year, Mitratech has taken a refocused approach to building product roadmaps around client needs. At this session, you’ll be able to find out exactly what we’ve heard from our collective user base, and how that’s been used to create client-driven roadmaps. We’ll share what’s coming next for TAP, TeamConnect, and LegalHold future product releases, and encourage attendees to share input and ideas for the future.

Stopping Issues in Their Tracks: LegalHold, a Co-Innovative Solution

This interactive session will be a process-focused group discussion around the issues Legal Departments face in the creation and managing of legal holds within their organizations.  We plan this to be a open discussion about the current process, best practices, pain points, future trends, and more around legal hold management and eDiscovery. So we’re asking you to bring your toughest questions, as well as your best practices, to share with the group as you participate.

Werfen Sie einen Blick auf unser Menschen und Processes posts to see what else we have on hand this year.  Not registered for Interact 2019 yet? Do it today so you can be part of an event that’s become renowned for its value, energy, sense of community, and the fun we always make sure to have as we gather in Austin!