Trying to Jump Your Board’s Hurdle? Here’s How to Sell Them on Policy Management

Lauren Jackson |

Heart racing, blood pumping – you finally made it. You can hear the roar of the crowd in your ears as you race closer and closer to the finish line. You can see the line up ahead, you’re at the head of the pack, the wind rushing in your face as your feet fly underneath you. You’re so close now you can almost taste that gold medal…

Then someone sticks their foot out and trips you up. You slam face first onto the ground, scraping your knees and bruising your ego in the process.

Victory lost in a single stumble.

Minus the scraped knees, that’s how it can feel sometimes when you’ve put in all the effort to find the perfect technology solution to fix your problems, only to have leadership set up a stumbling block at the end of the race.

Nearly every department experiences this from time to time, but compliance seems to bear the brunt of the “no we shouldn’t spend money on that” statement sometimes. And when it’s for a solution as necessary as policy management, the “no” from leadership can really leave your entire compliance (and HR) team reeling in pain.

But how do you explain the value of policy management software to someone in leadership who may not get it?

How do you demonstrate the ROI this type of solution could bring your business?

How do you prove the dozens of ways having policy management software in place can reduce your company’s overall risk?

While, thanks to headline-grabbing scandals, it’s getting (somewhat) easier to sell leadership on risk management solutions, many companies have a long way to go towards gaining the senior level buy-in they need to implement a true policy management solution.

To help you jump these hurdles and arm yourself with the answers you need to prove to leadership that you made the right choice, our experts put together a guide to help you make your case.

Grab your copy today! 

Download our guide on “Making the Business Case for a Policy Management Software System” and learn to get the leadership buy-in you need to get sh** done. 


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