Meet the Product Management Team
Meet the Product Management Team

Meet Your Product Management Team

Das Mitratech-Team |

Meet the Mitratech Product Management Team – a group of adventurers, artists, cosplayers and other creatives obsessed with creatively solving the problems of legal and compliance teams across the world.

Here’s a brief glimpse into what makes them tick, and what makes them each such a special addition to the team:

Kirk Sadler


Director of Product Management

AKA: Kirk thinks of his role as the glue of the team that stitches together the many pieces of great work needed to deliver all things enterprise legal management.

Fun fact: Kirk enjoys most forms of recreational activities: cycling, triathlons, hiking, camping, snowboarding, paddle boarding, water skiing, etc.

What he likes most about PM? Connecting the disparate dots to build and execute a plan.


Senior Product Manager

AKA: Jim is both a Product Owner and Product Manager for CMO Compliance, so he does a bit of everything. He’s also involved in a “top-secret” mission to create something special and exciting for the TeamConnect platform.

Fun fact: Jim lost his right ACL in a Sumo wrestling incident in college.

What he likes most about his job? Truly understanding client requirements and turning those into useful, marketable product enhancements

Brooke Zonana


Product Owner

AKA: She runs point on running the TAP Workflow Automation solution.

Fun fact: Brooke’s data is also a Product Owner so guess you could say she’s a 2nd generation Agile Product Owner! And if that isn’t fun enough, she spends her free time cavern diving and has explored many of the caverns in Tulum, Mexico and North Central Florida.

What she loves most about her job? Solving client problems by impacting a product’s direction.

Kim Howard


Senior Product Manager

AKA: She translates customer and market problems into technological solutions Mitratech can build for our clients.

Fun Fact: Kim has a degree in psychology and uses it every day on the job.

What she loves most about her role? No matter how many years she’s been in the industry, Kim says she continually learns new things. She really loves it when a new software feature makes a client do a happy dance!

Hillary Ross


Product Owner

AKA: She helps translate the requirements from Product Management to the Development teams.

Fun fact: Hillary hasn’t had her natural hair color since she was 15! We love watching how the kaleidoscope of color changes.

What she loves most about the job? Having opportunities to solve problems with a team. She loves hearing about the problems clients face, then working hard to figure out the options to fix it. That way, our clients can expect success when they use our products.

Manu Sharma


Senior Product Owner

AKA: He owns strategy and requirements for Legal Hold, breaks down high level epics into smaller stories for his projects and works through the development lifecycle.

Fun fact: Manu loves the outdoors and adventuring – skydiving, rafting, trekking, safaris – you name it!

What he loves most about his job? Working with a host of great people – from clients to coworkers.

Kim Felice


Product Manager for e-Billing and Budgeting solutions

AKA: Kim works closely with her fellow Product Managers and colleagues in other departments to create roadmaps that deliver value to our customers both on the client and law firm side.

Fun Fact: Kim loves to travel! She’s been to six continents. Her last trip to Uganda and Kenya marked her fourth time to Africa – this time to trek into the mountains to visit a gorilla family. Next up in her travel adventures? The cool waters of the Galapagos.

What she loves most about her job? Talking to clients to better understand their needs and how they’re experiencing products. For Kim, nothing beats first-hand accounts of what will (and maybe won’t!) work in a product solution. And hearing that something her team’s building directly impacts someone’s job for the better is a great feeling!


Product Manager / Product Owner, GRC

AKA: He relentlessly searches for opportunities to offer value to our clients and prospects. As both a product manager and product owner, he spends a lot of time with the engineering teams to figure out how to package new features.

Fun fact: Chris once jumped out of an airplane on purpose.

What he loves most about his job? The satisfaction he gets when clients talk about how much positive impact a new feature has on their lives.


Senior Product Manager

AKA: He’s responsible for understanding the enterprise legal management market, customer needs, existing TeamConnect functionality and the competitor landscape. He then works with his peers to develop a prioritized roadmap of functionality to build into the TeamConnect product.

Fun fact: In 2011, Adam completed the Texas Tri Series – a series of 4 triathlons – the longest of which was half an Ironman in terms of distance.

What Adam loves most about his job? Working with clients to understand their requirements and provide functional solutions. Also – the people and culture at Mitratech!

Aksa Alex


Senior UX Designer

AKA: Aksa is a staunch user advocate. She makes the products more usable, useful and enjoyable – thus improving user adoption of our products.

Fun fact: Aksa speaks four languages (pretty) fluently.

The best part about her job? Aksa loves when she can use her team’s research and discovery knowledge to come up with innovative (and simple!) solutions for a user’s complex work process.

Dillon Knowlton


Product Manager

AKA: He works with customers, writes story specifications, defines the roadmap and product strategy, and manages the development team for TAP WorkflowAutomation.

Fun fact: Dillon’s first job was at a knitting shop owned by the director of Finding Nemo and Wall-E.

What he loves most about the job? Dillon enjoys the blend of technical and business tasks. As a wanna-be hobby programmer (his words), he loves working directly with Mitratech developers on technical problems and issues. He also loves working on overall business strategy and helping clients solve business problems.

Bryan Walker


UX Designer

AKA: He understands what people in legal ops need to be successful in their jobs and empowers them through user-centered design. He seeks to balance user needs with business requirements through conversations with Product Management and Engineering.

Fun fact: Take your pick, Bryan’s got a few! He’s an ex-amateur rallycross driver, a tinker with lockpicking and a published 3D VFX artist – complete with a coffee table book on tiny houses.

What he loves most about his job? Watching someone’s frustration with using a product dissolve away – especially when that user was involved in the process of identifying user pain.

Julia Yan


Product Owner

AKA: Julia drives execution of the product roadmap, making sure everyone across the company’s on the same page.

Fun fact: She’s only ever owned American “muscle cars.”

What she enjoys most at Mitratech? Three things: getting to meet our clients, identify opportunities in the product and work with everyone cross-functionally.


UX Designer

AKA: Kailyn works closely with other team members and stakeholders to identify specific user problems and refines and iterates solutions to create seamless user experiences.

Fun fact: Kailyn was in the background of an episode of Friday Night Lights. She also has a dog named Nash (inspired by Steve Nash) with different-colored eyes!

What she loves most about her job? Collaborating cross-functionally and getting to solve complex problems with the user’s experience in mind!


UX Designer

AKA: Chris works with the team and users to create and deliver a better overall product experience.

Fun fact: Chris used to teach paint nites and has done a few Van Gogh reproductions in the past. He’s working on a Monet currently. Also, the Pope once gave him a thumbs-up (he even has photographic evidence!).

What he loves most about his job? Chris loves creating things that will ultimately make people’s lives/jobs easier.

For more from Product Management, be sure to stay tuned to our blog for their regular series about Product Insights from the Road.

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