Secrets to Legal Tech Adoption
Secrets to Legal Tech Adoption

How To Get Non-Legal Support for Legal Tech Adoption?

How can you get non-legal stakeholders to support legal tech adoption? Budgets are limited, and everybody wants the shiniest new tools for themselves.

Another reason? Other departments and business units may generally fail to recognize the true value of what Legal brings to the organization, and so won’t understand the value that technologies designed for Legal Operations will add.  They’re used to relying on Excel and other enterprise-wide solutions; why should the legal department be able to invest in its own specialized software?

So how can you get non-legal-department support for legal tech purchases? That’s revealed in a new publication from Hyperion Global Partners and Mitratech: A Buyer’s Guide for the Rest of Us: A Legal Technology Toolkit for Non-Legal Stakeholders.

One key insight it delivers? How it’s important to educate the rest of the enterprise on the role Legal Ops and the legal department now play. Thanks to Legal Ops, the legal department’s previously predominantly advisory role has evolved into a leadership and innovation position within corporations.  At the same time, Legal Ops must fulfill a basic operational need for analyzing and controlling legal spend, and succeeding in a complex space that’s populated by continuously changing policies and regulations that impact everyone in the company.

A wide range of insights on legal tech sell-in

Thanks to the expertise of the team behind this guide, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the insights it renders.  Some – but nur some – of what it dives into?

  • Warum legal tech isn’t like the tech tools used elsewhere in a company (and how to sell that point in).
  • How to take an RFP approach to the ELM or other legal technology selection process.
  • How to satisfy the very particular needs of specific non-legal stakeholders such as IT and Procurement, among others.

To get the entire breadth and depth of the information and best practices it offers, please download the guide.  You’ll find it’s an invaluable asset in proving the value of legal technology to the people who may need a clearer understanding of how those new tools will benefit sie.

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