Return to Office
Return to Office

Are You Really Ready for the Return to the Office?

Okay, serious question – how many staircases does your office building offer?

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. Check out what Coen van Oostrom, CEO of commercial real estate developer Edge, had to say on the topic. “You have to basically seduce your people to come into the office and work there instead of from home,” said van Oostrom. While this may bring a smile to your face (how often have we considered the office workspace as being sexy?), he makes a good point.

Adding in extra staircases, especially ones that are designed to look nicer than the traditional “in case of fire” stairwells, can help ease employees back into the office while offering them options to avoid confined spaces.

Sexy stairwells. Definitely not a feature we ever thought would be a selling point. But, to be fair, a lot of the past year-and-a-quarter has had us rethinking priorities, strategies, and facing the most unanticipated challenges.

Real estate is simply one aspect of returning to the office landscape that needs to be tweaked for the comfort of staff and really, everyone. Stay-at-home orders are expiring throughout the world, and the return to the office after coronavirus means reviewing more than just social distancing measures.

Your business deserves best-in-class solutions and resources to ensure effective planning and thorough considerations before employees return to work.

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Back with a vengeance (and pertinent strategies)

Let’s get down to business; returning to work means having the right strategies planned and ready to go. Implementation may pose its own challenges, but the first step is making sure you have outlined what you need to review and introduce in order to ease the transition back.

You need to go beyond those strategies eventually, and deploy best-in-class solutions to help you tackle the new challenges that these pivots have introduced. Approaches such as Unternehmen Continuity Transformation (BCT), help you take on the disruptions and downturns that have popped up over the past year.

After surviving COVID-19 and its effects on business, you don’t just want to be prepared for today’s crisis, but have a flexible foundation in place for whatever else may lie ahead.

Policy management is in the spotlight, as most businesses will be managing two working environments in the future. Balancing an office with a home-working landscape can be a major hurdle for any business, particularly when it comes to creating and implementing policies across both spaces.

Prepare multiple return-to-work scenarios

Economics and politics affect immigration, but the global pandemic has made this confusing landscape far more challenging. Your organization needs to keep multiple scenarios in mind to remain compliant with immigration law, and needs Software that provides the answers. From form I-9s to hiring remotely, the right solution will help you adjust to a more flexible and digital work environment, while ensuring better efficiency and compliance all around.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business world in ways we couldn’t have previously imagined. As enterprises deal with disruption by adopting new approaches and practices to situations both old and new, we are slowly settling into the “new normal.”

“You have to basically seduce your people to come into the office and work there instead of from home.”

Governments throughout the world are providing guidelines on how to return to work safely, with directives on developing and implementing policies that follow all regulations and are in keeping with industry best practices.

Sanitization may be easy to adopt, but aligning your business with the new ‘post-pandemic’ (is it too soon to use that phrase?) trends may be more challenging. The question is – are you ready? 

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