How SaaS ELM Supports a Remote Legal Department

New risks and challenges are presenting themselves every day as legal teams are more dispersed than ever before. Having more remote workers increases the liability and risk of your sensitive information being compromised.

Not to mention manual handling matters, approving invoices, and dealing with your firms becomes increasingly difficult if all that information can not be managed in one location. Of course, there’s also the issue of staying up to date on which tasks you’re responsible for, tracking department spend and workload, all without regularly being able to check in with the team.

By adopting SaaS enterprise legal management software, especially a solution that’s especially suited for small to mid-sized organizations?  Your team is able to maintain its effectiveness by collaborating in one secure system.  Being cloud-based, it can seamlessly serve the needs of a distributed staff.

What are the various ways that a SaaS ELM solution can excel at supporting remote collaboration?

By mitigating liability through increased security measures:

  • Firms can upload, edit, and view invoices and matters related to them
  • All information is stored in an enterprise-class, secured hosting environment that’s backed up daily
  • Additional features should include SSO, MFA, and business continuity services
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By streamlining collaboration for your legal team:

  • Integrating with Outlook means users can drag-and-drop relevant documents and stay up to date on any upcoming events from within the ELM.
  • A document repository offers a secure location for your best practices, department guidelines, billing rules, FAQs, and any other essential documents to reside.
  • Configuring invoice and matter workflows ensures there’s never a question of who is responsible for each task.

By providing full visibility with minimal clicks:

  • Immediately gain full insight about anything relating to roles, responsibilities, or department.
  • Unlimited custom reporting and configurable dashboards provide the data you need to inform decisions moving forward.
  • In order to save more time, reports can be delivered straight to your inbox.

As legal workload continues to increase, and a legal department grows or evolves, and disruptions arise?  It’s important to implement technology that makes everyone’s jobs easier. With the right SaaS ELM solution in place, you can trust that no matter the situation, your department will be able to sustain business as usual.  Even when the events around them are unusual indeed.

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