Wie TrialCard Alyne für ein skalierbares und risikobewusstes Risikomanagementprogramm für Anbieter nutzte

Das Mitratech-Team |

TrialCard sought a solution that would enable them to identify, qualify and quantify the risks posed throughout their Vendor Risk Management program. Access the case study to learn how Alyne helped TrialCard successfully implement a scalable and risk-aware Vendor Management process, that was easily understood and efficient for its vendors, too.

TrialCard is a technology-driven biopharmaceutical solutions company that aims to create an easily accessible, user-friendly patient experience through medical affordability, support and services.

Prior to incorporating Alyne into their business strategy, TrialCard faced a common yet growing challenge that many organisations face today – how to scale and simplify Risikomanagement für Anbieter processes. With increased regulatory requirements and evolving supply chains and delivery models, TrialCard is subjected to inherent risks in third-party vendor’s processes such as hiring, regulatory compliance, and information security. This made it increasingly difficult and complex to assess and monitor risk throughout their existing Vendor Management program, a major factor since TrialCard’s business model involves close collaboration with biopharmaceutical manufacturers and brands.

Als ein EIC/ISO 27001 certified company, TrialCard’s Vendor Management program required a flexible solution that could accommodate a myriad of evolving Governance, Risk, and Compliance use cases. A key requirement was to structure, automate and have a scalable process that would foster greater operational efficiencies. Knowing that a successful Vendor Management system is contingent on maintaining quality relationships, TrialCard selected Alyne’s collaborative cloud-based solution to enhance their Vendor Management capabilities.

Alyne’s capability to identify, qualify and quantify risks posed throughout TrialCard’s Vendor Management program has provided their business units with a flexible solution that fits their company profile. Alyne offered TrialCard a broad range of functionality that supports the full Vendor Risk Management lifecycle – from the use of pre-configured and customisable Controls, to leveraging on the deep Risk Reporting from Assessments that were able to be performed and managed at scale.