Mitratech erwirbt Acuity ELM und erweitert damit sein Lösungsportfolio für Rechtsangelegenheiten

Die Lösung eignet sich für die Anforderungen von Rechtsabteilungen jeder Größe in Bezug auf die Verwaltung von Angelegenheiten, Forderungen und Ausgaben.

Austin, TX (September 29, 2020) – Mitratech, a leading global provider of legal and compliance software, today announced its acquisition of Acuity ELM, a provider of SaaS e-Billing, matter management, claims defense, and legal hold products to small and mid-size corporate legal teams.

With this acquisition, Mitratech will now be able to offer a comprehensive and complementary range of ELM solutions to suit the needs of legal and claims departments of any size, including small and mid-sized ones. The ease of adoption and use of Acuity ELM’s platform also complements Mitratech’s existing offerings, as well as the user-centric culture of support and collaboration behind it.

As Mike Williams, CEO of Mitratech explained, ”Acuity ELM’s platform enables anyone from first-time adopters to longtime power users to take advantage of leading-edge features and best-in-class support. Its flexibility and scalability in meeting even a small legal or claims department’s needs over time make it a perfect fit for our portfolio.”

Throughout 2020, Mitratech has been focused on enabling legal and compliance teams to leverage technology and enhanced processes to ensure business compatibility for their organizations. “We came to the realization,” Mike Williams says, “that smaller departments that haven’t yet adopted technology to manage documents, control legal spend, process claims, and otherwise streamline operations have fallen further behind the rest of the industry on the legal technology maturity curve. So we saw an incredible opportunity to help this underserved portion of the market, and Acuity ELM will help us do that.”

Mitratech already offers TeamConnect ELM, an industry-leading end-to-end platform whose customer base includes 30% of the Fortune 500. As industry analyst IDC recently noted as it recognized Mitratech as a leader in the ELM market, “Mitratech continues to be recognized by its customers as a leader in enterprise legal management.”

Acuity ELM provides integrated matter management, outside counsel management, e-Billing, analytics and reporting, delivered as an adaptable, cloud-based platform. By balancing control, efficiency, cost-consciousness, functionality, and security, it offers a complete solution for small to mid-sized legal and claims departments, one that can scale to meet their demands as they grow or evolve.

“Small and mid-size departments certainly can use end-to-end ELM solutions,” Mike Williams says, “but they’re also looking for product and providers who give them ‘walk-to-run’ support, who are able to help them grow, who can empower them at every stage of their legal tech maturity process.”

  • Founded in 1996 as TrialNet and based in Richmond, VA, Acuity ELM has built a powerful reputation and track record:
  • 97% of Acuity clients are very or extremely satisfied with Acuity.
  • The platform has seen a 100% adoption rate for e-billing among its clients’ outside law firms.
  • Clients are often able to break even on their investment within three months – and recognize three-year ROI between 3X and 5X.
  • Its innovations have included features like the Acuity Firm Scorecard, the first feature of its kind in the market to provide real-time assessment of outside counsel performance versus previous years, their strengths and areas for improvement, and how a firm compares to others in its cohort.

Mike Williams says that products aside, it was the two companies’ compatible commitments to customer satisfaction that cemented the acquisition. “We were really impressed by the praise they get from their users,” he said, “especially when it comes to their responsiveness and availability and willingness to partner with customers. That kind of focus on customer support and collaboration to continuously improve our solutions is absolutely central to our culture, too.”

“Mitratech has consistently demonstrated a strong focus on client service, a value we share,” agreed Kelley Johnston, CEO of Acuity ELM. “Alignment with Mitratech, one of the top ELM providers today, will enable Acuity to thrive under the strength of Mitratech’s reach and resources.”

Über Mitratech

Mitratech ist ein bewährter globaler Technologiepartner für Rechts-, Risiko- und Compliance-Experten in Unternehmen und bietet ein erprobtes Portfolio an End-to-End-Lösungen, die betriebliche Best Practices im gesamten Unternehmen verbreiten, Prozesse standardisieren und die Time-to-Value beschleunigen. Dies hilft den Rechts- und GRC-Teams dabei, die sich wandelnden Anforderungen des modernen, dynamischen Unternehmens zu erfüllen. Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie