Mitratech erwirbt führendes GRC-Technologieunternehmen Alyne

Die KI-gestützte Compliance-Plattform wird eine neue Zusammenarbeit zwischen Rechts- und Compliance-Funktionen ermöglichen.

AUSTIN, TX – September 22, 2021 – Mitratech, the leading provider of legal and compliance software, today announced the acquisition of leading-edge digital governance, risk management and compliance platform provider, Alyne.

Alyne leverages next-generation artificial intelligence to uniquely connect corporate legal and compliance functions, empowering professionals on both sides to assess, monitor, report, and act on all relative risks within the enterprise, including ESG management.

“The combination of Alyne and Mitratech brings a game-changing solution to the legal, risk and compliance industry.  There’s increasing overlap between legal and compliance challenges, so there’s a real need for an intelligent platform that empowers cross-disciplinary integration and oversight,” said Mike Williams, CEO of Mitratech.  “Organizations now have the ability to harness AI to instantly reveal and quantify risk, collaborate, increase efficiency, and create unrivaled operational resilience.”

Adding Alyne to Mitratech’s portfolio combines innovation with Mitratech’s long-standing track record. With Alyne, Mitratech customers can now:

  • Accelerate time to value through actionable AI.
  • Mitigate risk in real time.
  • Obtain quantifiable risk impacts.
  • Reduce the complexity and costs of managing legal and compliance risk.

“We are thrilled to be joining the Mitratech suite of products,” said Karl Viertel, CEO at Alyne. “This is a case of the right alignment at the right time. Adding Alyne to Mitratech’s portfolio addresses a very real and pressing need for a holistic, cloud-based operational platform that allows users to oversee all legal and compliance risk.”

Michael Rasmussen, Founder, GRC2020 said “I continue to love the Alyne interface and their engagement on GRC related capabilities that supports front-office business functions as well as traditional back-office GRC roles. I am very intrigued to hear about the acquisition by Mitratech and am looking forward to seeing where the technology will go from here.”

Karl Viertel will be ascending to the role of General Manager, GRC business unit.

This is Mitratech’s third acquisition of 2021, further demonstrating Mitratech’s commitment to technology investment and innovation.

*Pending Regulatory Approval

Über Mitratech

Mitratech ist ein bewährter globaler Technologiepartner für Fachleute aus den Bereichen Recht, Risiko und Compliance sowie Personalwesen, die ihre Produktivität maximieren, ihre Kosten kontrollieren und ihre Risiken minimieren wollen, indem sie die betriebliche Abstimmung vertiefen, die Transparenz erhöhen und die Zusammenarbeit in ihrem Unternehmen fördern. Dies hilft ihnen dabei, die sich entwickelnden Anforderungen des modernen, dynamischen Unternehmens zu erfüllen.

Lara Miller, Mitratech

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