Solve Your Cash Lock-Up Problems Today and Eliminate Slow Client Payments with Mitratech’s XpressFunds.

Mitratech’s Kollaboration e-Billing service is joining forces with select bank partners, allowing you to Xpress client payments on your terms and gain total control over your cash management strategy.

As the premier industry partner for Enterprise Legal Management, Mitratech has designed XpressFunds specifically for the legal industry. Discover how to enhance the e-Billing process and reduce cash lock-up today with no changes to your daily firm operations.

Download the Broschüre to find out how XpressFunds can help you:
  • Stop chasing outstanding client invoices and enjoy Xpress payments within two business days of invoice submission
  • Fuel firm expansion and improve your cash conversion cycle
  • Improve liquidity, enhance key metrics like Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and so much more

Mitratech’s Legal Workflow Automation Use Cases

Explore the workflows that will have the most immediate and productive impact on your Legal Operations.