Team Verbinden

Highlights of TeamConnect 6.3.1 include:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: With multi-factor authentication, our clients can solve security challenges around enabling access to TeamConnect to external parties – such as enabling a law firm access to update matters directly.
  • Deeper TAP/TeamConnect Integration: The next generation of the integration between TeamConnect and TAP enables user-triggered or automatic workflow automation use cases and increases visibility to track workflows that are ongoing.
  • Historical Currency Exchange Rates: Further supports clients with international e-Billing programs by providing a way to capture and reference historical currency exchange rates on a daily or monthly average basis.
  • Firm and Timekeeper Home Office Settings: New settings within TeamConnect provide our clients better control over law firms with multiple offices as well as timekeepers that may invoice out of multiple firm office locations. These settings can enable rates to be set at the primary Home office of a firm timekeeper across all locations. Exchange rates can also be applied for timekeepers who might bill in multiple currencies.
  • Heartbeat Feature: Clients now can enable a feature that will provide access to Mitratech Client Success teams, giving you the ability to see the exact version of TeamConnect and all related modules, reducing the amount of time needed to respond to cases and improving upgrade initiatives.

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