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Use Asset Management Software in Your Business to Reduce Risk of Loss


Whether your business is a blue-chip or one that’s just getting started, asset management software can help you. Our asset management system combines risk assessment, business optimisation, and governmental compliance into a single method to improve many aspects of your business. Keep reading below to learn more about how asset management systems protect your business and how our asset software goes one step further to defend your company..


Problems that Asset Management Systems Address


If you haven’t previously investigated the concept of asset management, then you may be curious about how these systems can help your company. Consider several ways that these processes are designed to help you:

  • Management systems integrate all asset management functions into one application. From that application, managers can access a plethora of information regarding the number of assets at their disposal, any risks of which to be aware, and potential inefficiencies within their current business processes.
  • Instead of relying on a single website or piece of software that requires Internet access, our asset management systems are designed with offline mobile functionality. No matter what happens to the power or Internet, you can remain connected to the information you need to protect your business.
  • You can customise your management system to ensure that it functions in a way that works for you. No matter how your business functions, the right asset management system will simplify the task of tracking and protecting what’s important in your company.

We’ve spent decades developing effective systems that serve companies around the world, and today serve one million users in over 200 countries.


Problems that Asset Tracking Software Addresses


The things which set our software apart from the alternatives are those qualities which continue to satisfy our clients.

  • Our software helps your business conform to ISO management system standards, including ISO 9001, 14001, 31000, and 19600. Whether those standards are mandated in your industry or you’d simply like to add that certification to your marketing collateral, integrum’s software makes that goal a reality.
  • You can track and log all your assets to ensure that nothing goes missing. Even if you have dozens of sites and scores of offsite assets to track, our software keeps pace with your needs and makes it easy to safely manage your business’s next expansion.
  • With decades of experience behind us, we’ve learned many ways that our software can help identify areas of your business that are ripe for optimisation. Let us help you streamline the way that you do work.


What You Stand to Gain by Using integrum


At integrum, we strive to provide businesses with a new way to approach their work. Even the most experienced managers become more efficient when armed with an effective asset management system. We can customise the software and systems to suit your needs, so we encourage you to speak with us today. After a thorough discussion, we can develop a solution ideal for your situation. Kontakt today to start that conversation and see where integrum can take you.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.