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Capture & Analyse Important Internal System Data Online With integrum Audit Management Software Solutions


Behind every successful business, be it a large multinational corporation or a small to medium-sized enterprise, is a series of plans and procedures that assure operations always follow the proper protocol. This can include everything from minimising the environmental impact of an industrial operation to tracking employee safety incidents and compliance with critical workplace procedures such as lock-out, tag-out plans. Every business must ensure they take the right steps to not only create a responsible and safety-conscious approach to its work but to also stay within the bounds of the law and its internal policies. The best way to do that: with regular auditing and thorough reporting of all the relevant data. Disparate business systems can mean the right information isn’t always available, though, or isn’t accessible in an integrated format.


integrum, a type of audit management software deployed worldwide in a wide variety of contexts, provides businesses with a powerful tool that is easy for everyone in the company to use. Founded in 1996, we have spent more than twenty years working from a basis in the QHSE sector to develop software that puts the power to create better compliance procedures in the hands of your employees. Do everything from capture incident reports to tracking resolutions and auditing overall performance to search for ways to overhaul existing processes.


Improving audit management solutions with integrum


A key feature of our audit management solutions is our offline and mobile app-based capabilities, which streamline the process for grabbing important information from the field. For example, an employee may need to report a safety incident or a policy violation. With integrum solutions, the staffer could use their mobile device to fill out a pre-built form and even capture photo evidence if necessary. Later, this information will sync back to the core online systems, becoming available in your audit management system. Flag anomalies for further investigation and follow up on their progress within one system.

This information is extremely useful for businesses that regularly conduct internal audits of procedural compliance. Additionally, we believe our partners deserve all the tools they could need for understanding their business up front. Because integrum features no additional modular components to purchase, extending online functionality to incorporate audit data into your business intelligence system is simple and straightforward.


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Maintaining a robust system for tracking potential non-compliance and assessing data to determine pathways for corrective action are essential to any business operating under the scrutiny of regulatory compliance. Together with integrum, your business can reshape its internal audit management system with modern, high-powered technology. With years of experience continually informing our development efforts and integrum’s partnerships with our global clients, this is a software product continually evolving to meet the latest demands in the areas of governance, risk, and compliance.


Our professional team is always happy to provide thorough demonstrations to potential clients. Request such a demonstration now, or learn more about what other companies have achieved with integrum solutions.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.