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Improve Compliance and Manage Risk with Better EHS Management Systems Powered by Software from integrum


In one way or another, almost every business operation has at least some impact the environment. In some industrial sectors, such as mining or manufacturing, these are direct impacts under the control of the business itself. In others, the effect is more indirect, tied to the actions of individual suppliers or operators. Today, finding ways to ensure that relevant work does not have an unnecessary impact on the environment is more critical than ever. So too is making the safety of your staff a priority, whether they work in a fabrication plant or head into the field to inspect far-flung work sites.


The right EHS software can form the backbone of your compliance and risk-reduction procedures while helping businesses identify and refine strategies for improving operations across the board. integrum is a highly refined and professionally developed EHS management system with a 20-year pedigree, globally recognised as one of the leaders in business intelligence and EHS software.


A comprehensive system, integrum allows businesses to implement a platform with a widely-diversified feature set. Do everything from capturing information and building reports on your annual carbon footprint to tracking worker’s compensation claims, all in one dependable online package. Consider some of the advantages to adopting integrum to replace your existing EHS management procedures.


An adaptable, fully-featured approach to EHS software


First, our existing partners and users across hundreds of deployments have found the fine-tuning available in integrum’s configurability to open improved EHS workflows saving time and avoiding the duplication of work between departments. We offer an exceptional match for even small, growing businesses.

Second, many of our partners have found that integrum offers advanced “out of the box” solutions that do not require any customisation on their part whatsoever. The result is a system that deploys quickly and is easy to train employees to use. When all the appropriate staff is on the same page thanks to centralised EHS management systems, everyone can share the goal of achieving proper compliance.

Finally, integrum includes an advanced business intelligence system. With feature-filled dashboards and the ability to create reports from any or all the data available to you, tracking EHS compliance and the success of other procedures becomes a regular part of daily operations. If an audit becomes necessary, this data mining capability is especially useful.


Achieve more and improve your operations through better EHS management systems


It is a challenge for anyone to operate a business, no matter the industry, in a way that prioritises safety and a minimal environmental impact. However, dedication to corporate responsibility demands a solution. Redefine your EHS management systems with software designed from the first line of code to empower your business to achieve more, build towards growth, and do it all without sacrificing compliance or increasing the risk to your staff. Start a conversation with the integrum team today to learn more about how a partnership with our developers can open the door to the future of your EHS management systems. Contact us online or call our offices on 02 9700 9923.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.