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The Software That’s Changing Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Systems


When it comes to responsible corporate management, there’s a lot to take into consideration. From regulatory compliance to maintaining a healthy work environment, the needs of the modern corporate work health and safety (WHS) management program are vast.


There are a lot of routes for tackling this problem. Some companies choose to outsource these functions, trusting a third party to assess and audit risk and reporting. Others try to build their own systems and processes — whether digital or not — to keep track of everything. These solutions, however, leave a lot to be desired.


On the one hand, outsourcing WHS management cuts down on the work in-house. Unfortunately, it also means you have less direct access to crucial information about your company. Plus, the amount of time you spend communicating and coordinating with the service provider can be as much work as just managing your own system. If you go that route, you have more control over how the process works, but you’ll also have more work and without the right research and planning, trying to do this on your own can create a big mess.


Why You Need WHS Management Software


While some still try, it’s no longer viable to manage health and safety without management software. Paper processes just can’t keep up with the complexity of the modern world and the ever-changing regulatory requirements that affect international businesses. That’s why so many are turning to health and safety management system software. A well-built platform allows you to have direct access to your data and manage it yourself while cutting down on a lot of the work through automation.

There are now a lot of these platforms available, and it can be difficult to choose between them when all promise secure and efficient information management. If you know what to look for, however, it’s clear there are some vast differences between systems. One trap many fall into is opting for a “modular” system. While these are billed as providing you with flexibility and choice, you’re actually just getting an incomplete product — with the expectation that you’ll purchase extra “modules” in the future when you figure out you need them for the system to function right.


The integrum Difference


At integrum, we’ve taken a different approach. Rather than building a modular system, our integrated platform gives you all the tools you need right out of the box. This doesn’t mean you sacrifice configurability though. In fact, our system is one of the most configurable systems available.


Combining configurablity with full-featured software means you get both flexibility and a comprehensive set of tools that makes managing safety concerns straightforward and direct. Even better, it’s easy to use, so training employees and managers is a quick process that doesn’t leave gaps in compliance while people are learning the new system. From the outset, we’ll train you on how to configure workflows, forms, and more, so you can be in control of your system while continuing to have access to support from integrum and updates as we come up with them. Get in touch with us today to learn more and schedule a demo.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.