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Track Quality Management and Improve Assurance Systems With integrum Software


Every business, no matter the industry or sector in which it operates, strives to provide a quality product or service. Taking pride in one’s work is important, and your customers can come to depend on the consistency of the quality of your products. In some instances, such as materials manufacturing, quality is of the utmost importance due to the impact it can have on other products further down the line. Tracking quality is not just about looking at the final product, though. It also often involves managing suppliers, ensuring delivery of materials that meet the necessary specifications, and knowing when to take corrective actions to correct defects. Quality systems should be expandable as well; as the business grows, your solutions should expand as well.


integrum, a software platform with deep roots in the QHSE sector, now encompasses an entire business management platform that makes it simpler than ever to create a custom quality management system to align with your goals. With no need to purchase extra components as you identify new needs, integrum scales to match your level of demand. With proven deployments of this quality management software in major blue chip operations such as Coca-Cola European Partners, we provide a better way to tackle this aspect of the daily operation.


Overhauling quality systems for the modern technological workplace


Repeated non-conformances from a supplier can have a severe impact on the outcome of the work performed by your employees. Every non-conformance comes with a cost to your business, so it is essential to have quality management systems that enable the appropriate staff to track and respond to these events carefully. A supplier who consistently underperforms or delivers materials and services of unacceptable quality should be easy to spot based on the data. In this way, integrum equips businesses with the tools necessary for closely managing quality conformance to ensure only the best materials enter the production pipeline.

Maintaining reliable equipment and tracking employee productivity can also be important parts of quality management. The integrum software suite contains these features as well; maintaining detailed records of equipment inspections, centralising plans for equipment downtime, and finding all the components required to create uniform, integrated policies. With hundreds of deployments worldwide, we proudly offer a proven system that often slots readily into your existing infrastructure.


Choosing an integrum quality management system


Without a reliable way to track quality and understand the relationship between suppliers and the final product, operating a business can feel like flying blind. When old systems no longer match the demands of the company or for new operations that need adaptable solutions, we are here to assist. Learn more about what we’ve helped our partners to achieve through the integrum quality management system software by reading some of our case studies. Ready to take the first steps towards replacing legacy quality assurance systems? Find the ways your business can improve today. Contact us to set up a demonstration and an initial conversation about how your business can use integrum.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.