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Why Your OHS Software Should Include an Online Asset Management System


Occupational health and safety has a lot of different angles and subtleties. Depending on the nature of your business, the most significant risks to employee safety and wellness could be anything from chemicals to heavy machinery or sharp objects. If your company’s risk profile does include equipment or hardware, though, then you should probably have an asset management system.


What Is Asset Management Software?


At integrum, we are proud to offer an online asset management system as part of our QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) software. As with the many other functions included in our software, the asset management system is built into the program by default. We don’t break up our software’s different features into separate apps or modules. Instead, we keep them in one place, providing clients with a central ‘control hub’ that they can use to assess, monitor, manage, and reduce, risk in their businesses.

Having asset management software in Australia is an essential part of risk management. For many businesses, equipment is one of the single biggest sources of risk in the organisation. From industrial worksites to commercial shipping warehouses to manufacturing plants and beyond, many workplaces are outfitted with equipment or systems that pose a potential risk to employees.

Of course, these pieces of equipment are also vital to the function and efficiency of the workplace, which means the risks cannot be eliminated entirely. Therein lies the importance of the asset management system, which is mostly a risk management system geared directly towards equipment assets. Asset management software makes it easy for businesses to build registers of their equipment and monitor schedules for inspection, maintenance, calibration, and servicing. By helping companies to keep up with the care and servicing of their core equipment assets, an online asset management system helps prevent potential equipment problems and the incidents they might cause.


Using Asset Management Software to Improve Your Company’s Performance


Think of your company’s equipment as you think of your car. If you service your vehicle properly—changing the oil, replacing parts as they wear out, having experts inspect it on a regular basis—you can minimise the likelihood of breakdowns or unexpected on-road performance issues. Preventing these problems before they happen makes for a safer, more efficient vehicle.


Similarly, caring for your company’s equipment assets allows for safer operation and greater peace of mind. A poorly calibrated piece of construction equipment can lead to on-the-job mistakes that damage property, cause injuries or jeopardise lives. Smart management of those assets can prevent such risks. Furthermore, maintaining your equipment and keeping up with servicing schedules lowers the risk of breakdowns, thereby avoiding unplanned downtime. Simply put, using asset management software is a smarter way to do business in Australia

If you are shopping for an online asset management system in Australia, try integrum today. With our system, you can store equipment inspection records, monitor servicing schedules and even make employees responsible for certain assets. Try our demo today to see what you think.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published to the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.