Entwicklung eines Arbeitsablaufs für die Bearbeitung von Investitionsanträgen.


  • Self-service form(s) allows the user to submit a new request for funding for a capital expenditure project.
  • Forms can be as simple or complex as necessary to capture all salient information, and may include Google spreadsheet/calculator (or other feature) embedding.
  • The request is automatically routed to the CFO and relevant stakeholders for review, and they can approve, reject, or ask for additional information.
  • Requests can be routed sequentially through approval chains, with notifications to update chain members of request status.
  • Notifications also alert the submitter about CapEx request status at defined stages.


  • Expedites the CapEx request-and-review process and reduces time burdens on senior management.
  • Erzeugt ein sicheres Workflow-Auditprotokoll für Transparenz- und Governance-Zwecke.
  • Die Integration der elektronischen Unterschrift standardisiert sichere Genehmigungen.