With the TAP Workflow Automation, you can easily automate the steps involved in generating a legal contract, whether they’re simple tasks or a complex Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) workflow.

TAP will let you accelerate routing, reviewing and approving contracts with both internal and external parties, while eliminating costly mistakes and bottlenecks and delivering exceptional consistency, compliance, speed, and ROI.

For simple or advanced workflows alike

With TAP, you can automate any simple, specific action or repetitive task, such as moving a contract between folders (“Pending” to “Approved”) once it’s been signed.

For more complex contract generation processes, our drag-and-drop workflow designer makes it quick and convenient to route contracts through multiple gatekeepers and channels. Automatic notifications and alerts keep participants engaged and taking timely action, and TAP’s centralized dashboard lets you monitor the progress of all contract workflows.

Make Contract Lifecycle Management a reality

With TAP, you can execute cost-effective CLM by digitally centralizing documents, tracking contract workflows, automating expedited review and approval processes, and providing governance and analysis to continually improve the total process.

Build smarter documents

Our form building tools let you embed customized fields and pre-defined data into standardized templates or customized contracts, reducing human error and safeguarding compliance.

Automated archiving and accessibility

TAP automatically, securely archives workflows and all documents, making audits far easier and ensuring transparency and accessibility, even from mobile devices. That drives greater collaboration and productive engagement for everyone involved.

Secure e-signatures and other integrations

With TAP, you benefit from integration from best-in-class e-signature providers and many other with top-tier enterprise technology platforms.

That extends your ability to transform the contract process into an automated, accelerated staple of how you service customers or clients.