Beibehaltung des Rechtsbeistands


Design a counsel retention agreement workflow to manage the process of requesting, drafting, reviewing and authorizing agreements with outside counsel.


  • Using online forms, users enter pertinent information about prospective outside counsel, either in A) a request for Retention Agreement form or B) by directly drafting a Retention Agreement.
  • Intuitive form/document-building interfaces assure standardization via pre-approved templates with embedded business logic.
  • Each counsel retention agreement workflow is customizable to Legal Operations needs.
  • Requests and/or agreements are accurately routed to proper stakeholders for review and approval.
  • Automated notifications and alerts ensure timely collaboration from stakeholders.
  • Approved Retention Agreements can be automatically routed to outside counsel for approval and secure e-signature.


  • Self-service interfaces and workflow automation ensure efficiency and acceleration of the process, typically to a fraction of the time of paper-based workflows.
  • Need for review and gatekeeping by internal counsel is reduced, cutting costs.
  • Real-time reporting and tracking of every counsel retention agreement workflow takes place in a centralized environment to drive superior governance.
  • Standardization of forms, documents and workflows minimizes errors.
  • All counsel retention agreement workflows are automatically backed up to a secure Cloud archive, and easily accessible for audit purposes.