Berichterstattung über Vorfälle


Schaffung eines beschleunigten Prozesses für die Meldung, Untersuchung, Lösung und Berichterstattung von IT-Vorfällen.


  • Online forms are customized in TAP to prompt users for all necessary incident details.
  • Workflow automatically notifies and assigns new incident cases to the proper investigator or group.
  • Customizable automated reminders are emailed to set tasks and due dates.
  • Inactivity alerts notify administrators if there’s been no activity or resolution on a case after a specified time period; escalation notices can alert managers about overdue cases.
  • Approval requests and status updates can be designed in TAP to be automatically routed at specified steps within the workflow.
  • Rules and business logic can be embedded in forms and workflows to optimize your incident management process.
  • Mobile access lets workflow participants access and act remotely.
  • Centralized dashboard provides visibility into all incident workflows across the enterprise.
  • All workflow records, assets and documentation are centrally stored in a secure Cloud repository for later audit and analysis.


  • Form and workflow customization means precise processes can be installed for any conceivable incident.
  • Minimizes impact of incidents (downtime, security breaches or other issues) by compelling immediate responses, even from remote personnel.
  • Centralized monitoring drives real-time transparency and improved governance.
  • Post-incident audits and analysis can be done in detail thanks to automatic archiving of workflow records and data.