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Interact 2019 Blog Post Header

Who Was 2019’s RockStar Award Winner?

The Mitratech Team |

We’re extremely glad to announce Amy Garner, VP of Legal Operations at Fidelity Investments, is our 2019 RockStar Award winner.

Mitratech clients have always exemplified what it takes to be the best, and we aim to honor those who embody being a proactive and strategic corporate business partner within a company. So, the Mitratech RockStar Award was created to recognize clients who are creative, unique, and innovative.  This year’s Interact was focused on collaboration and community, and nobody represented that better than Amy.

As our CEO, Jason Parkman, put it, the RockStar Award allows us “to recognize an individual who’s gone above and beyond in collaborating with our product team, who’s shown exemplary ways of managing their legal department, and is forward-thinking in how they’re addressing legal technology and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Amy has always exemplified the collaborative spirit.  In this case, she assembled a Fidelity client group to collaborate with our Client Success team to collaboratively come up with new approaches leveraging Mitratech products, specifically Collaborati.

She also shared demonstrations of a law firm portal being developed by Fidelity in hopes it could be incorporated into our Collaborati roadmap, helpingall firms and clients leveraging that tool. This further showed off her desire to help improve Mitratech products for the greater good of the client community.

A partner who keeps us on our toes

Amy has also been a great partner for Mitratech when it comes to giving others in the legal community an honest and transparent representation of what it’s like to work with our team and our products.

Earning positive reviews and good word-of-mouth from clients like her and others demands we stay on our toes and always bring our “A” game to every implementation.

So our heartfelt congratulations and appreciation go out to Amy Garner as this year’s RockStar Award winner. We’re looking forward to next year, and the stories of co-innovation and growth in Legal Ops and legal tech we’ll be able to spotlight at Interact 2020.