If You Post It, Will They Actually Apply? | The Truth Behind the Hiring Process

Ryan Dinkler |

The workforce is changing, can your hiring process keep up?

A simple glance at your news timeline reveals new daily headlines about mass layoffsa global recession, and a lingering pandemic. In fact, the one thing they’ve all confirmed is that change is the only constant we’ll experience.

One big change we’re seeing? More and more of the younger generations are taking the lead in building today’s workforce. More specifically, the total labor force is roughly 75% Millennial and Gen Z. So, what do these seismic generational shifts mean? 

The impact of new generations entering the workforce cannot be overstated, especially in the hourly market. Millennials and Gen Z bring new expectations and demands for the hiring process, and companies that can adapt and meet these expectations will have a significant competitive advantage.

Millennials and Gen Z grew up with technology at their fingertips and are accustomed to fast, efficient, and personalized experiences. This has led to a heightened expectation for speed and optionality in the hiring process, with job seekers looking for a seamless experience that is easy to navigate and fits into their busy lives.

Speed Matters

If you’re losing out on talent because of your time-to-apply or time-to-hire numbers, look for ways to eliminate wasted time. Our clients find success in reducing and consolidating — both by integrating assessments into the application process and leveraging smart automation to minimize friction throughout the application. 

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Chris Rutt, VP of Talent Acquisition & Development for Crestline Hotels & Resorts, explains the importance of speed and frictionless applications: 

“Whenever someone gets into a [applicant tracking] system, and they have 8 million decisions they need to make, they end up not using the tool.”

Crestline optimized its applicant flow through intelligent automation that minimizes applicant friction and increases engagement. In the first month alone, they saw 9,845 applications across all of their locations – a 369% increase. 

Building a Hiring Process with Optionality For All

When we talk about optionality, we mean going to the channel where your applicants are most. But it’s important to understand — there is no singular best channel. For example, your audience may prefer email, while the recruiter or hiring manager down the hall’s audience may be all-in on texting.

When we look at the three most prevalent generations that make up our modern workforce (Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z), the communication preferences are on full display. NTT Data Service’s Mind the Gap: Communication Through the Ages, we see generational traits play out. Gen X grew up watching email grow from its early stages to where it is now. It’s no wonder that email is the preferred method of communication here. For millennials, growing up with 24-hour news and witnessing the rise of social media and smartphones, constant communication is commonplace, so texting and other instant messaging all align with their tendencies. Gen Z is the first truly digitally-native generation, as they were born into this digital world. Characterized by their agile communication habits, they can be reached by many digital mediums, including text & social media. 

To reiterate, it’s all about providing options best suited to your audience and talent pool. If your hiring process does act as your company’s first impression, it’s imperative that you optimize the entire process to be a smooth and frictionless hiring experience – companies that can do so will be more likely to attract top talent. 

The New Hourly Workforce Paradigm: Frictionless Engagement

So, What Do We Do?

To meet these expectations, hiring managers need to embrace what we call “Frictionless Engagement.”

For candidates, Frictionless Engagement means providing options for their application process so they can choose to apply in a way that works best for them.

For the hiring manager, Frictionless Engagement means automating processes and optimizing workflows and configurations to free up time, improving responsiveness to qualified candidates.

The keys to success in today’s job market are clear: Speed is everything and optionality for all.

Companies that can adapt and meet these new expectations are more likely to attract top talent and stay competitive in today’s job market – especially when competing for talent among Millennials and Gen Z.

If you want a more in-depth discussion on Frictionless Engagement and how you can avoid getting blindsided by new expectations, you can find our breakdown here.

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If You Post It, Will They Actually Apply? | The Truth Behind the Hiring Process