What Happens When a Law Firm Thinks Like a Start Up?
What Happens When a Law Firm Thinks Like a Start Up?

What Happens When a Law Firm Thinks Like a Startup?

Michael Semer |

When was the last time you heard a law firm walk and talk like a startup? The last time you heard a GC or Legal Ops say they wanted to take risks, try, and even fail?

When was the last time you heard anyone in the legal industry say “it’s time to be bold?”

It seems there are more and more  innovation leaders in the legal industry taking stand.  time is now. One example? Today, Mitratech announced an exciting partnership with Keesal, Young & Logan (KYL) with the launch of Keesal Propulsion Labs.

The concept of Keesal Propulsion Labs (KPL) came about then our team started designing and implementing Mitratech’s TAP Workflow Automation platform for various clients, including NetApp. The technology opened our eyes to so much more than just launching a solution within an organization. It permeated the entire legal ecosystem and was “life-changing” according to Connie Brenton.

Hence the launch of KPL, which combines KYL’s legal and business expertise with Mitratech’s TAP Workflow Automation to empower legal teams to design and deploy innovative workflows that directly address business needs. As these processes become more complex, KPL will be there to help guide design and implementation so customers can quickly reap the rewards of increased efficiencies, more consistency and greater cost control, while freeing professionals from mundane tasks to focus on work that’s worthy of their expertise.

Check out the press release to learn more.