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Protecting Your Most Important Assets: Your People

We’re facing a new reality with COVID-19 nowadays, and as we look towards the future? We have to consider a world where remote work and remote staffing have been proven to be a viable alternative to the traditional office job.

But even in a world where employees are working primarily from home, there still remains a whole host of issues in managing compliance, risk, and strategy around remote workers, especially in the context of immigration and HR compliance.

That was one of the areas discussed during a great online panel at Interact 2020 moderated by Julie Pearl, Founder of Pearl Law Group, who was joined by William Stock, Partner at Klasko Immigration Law, and Marketa Lindt, Partner at Sidley, Austin, Chicago office, and the immediate past president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Together, they discussed the potential immigration, HR, compliance, and other issues being affected by the sudden shift to the post COVID-19 reality.

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Our panelists did a great job diving into the potential issues that exist when your workforce suddenly shifts to a remote work environment. Now that some of those changes seem to be occurring for longer periods of time, or may even become permanent structural changes?  They touched on the question of what happens as your workforce moves around the country and, ultimately, the world.

How does an HR department navigate a new world where tax compliance, immigration compliance, and even in office OSHA compliance becomes more complex due to the global pandemic?  Our panelists discussed those issues and went deeper into things that every HR and compliance department ought to be thinking about.

Learn more about solving the compliance issues and how you can ensure compliance as your workforce enters an ever more distributed and challenging era with the complexities that the global pandemic by taking a look at the Interact session, “Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets, Your People!”

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