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“There’s Always More To Learn” – A TAP Chat With Ben Bogin

Aneesa Needel |

Mitratech is focused on community, co-innovation, and creativity.  TAP and its highly inventive users exemplify all these themes.

Jason Parkman reiterated these themes during his keynote at Interact 2019, pointing to how the TAP user community was working together with providers and partners to build best-in-class Legal Ops.  The result? Real transformation in how legal process automation is being applied, plus transformation of legal departments and even the companies around them.

We asked TAP Workflow Automation Product Manager Ben Bogin to give us his thoughts on the many TAP sessions, training, and conversations he was part of at at the conference. Ben boiled all his experiences down to a recurrent theme:

There is always more to learn
with TAP.

This doesn’t mean TAP has a steep learning curve. It’s actually because of the opposite: Its ease of use and flexibility have made it a platform for co-innovation and learning new ways to improve processes.  Users are discovering fresh approaches to applying and customizing TAP all the time – so much so, we’ve even created a forum for them to share all their multiplying innovations.

Sensational standout

While at the conference, there were many panels that showcased TAP “Super User” use cases, and one that really stood out to Ben was a Fortune 50 cybersecurity company that is creating “Instant X” workflows.

These workflows prove ROI immediately for their company, focusing on delivering quick time to value (T2V) for automating any contract creation process immediately.

Collaborative spirit

Something that stood out to Ben was the teamwork he saw happening between Interact attendees who had never met one another before.

It has been “exciting to see the legal ops departments trying to share solutions,” as he put it, and growing with one another. Even the most advanced users were learning new tips and tricks in TAP from their peers and throughout sessions.

This spirit of collaboration is what powered the launch of the TAP Co-Innovation Center earlier this year to let TAP users share their workflow automation ideas and build on the ideas of others. It’s a service that’s already been widely embraced by the TAP community.

What’s next for the TAP community?

Legal departments are transforming into centers of innovation and excellence for the entire enterprise, and TAP has been a cornerstone technology in that evolution. As Ben explained it, Mitratech has to keep innovating, expanding capabilities, and strengthening its products and partnerships because it’s now partnered with a user community that has, in many ways, actively taken the lead in that transformation.

Beyond the introduction of new features to the Co-Innovation Center, there’ll be more to come in the months ahead, such as improvements to the successful integration between TAP and TeamConnect that’s already been embraced by a large number of clients/users. To keep track of it all, drop by this blog in the weeks ahead, or subscribe to our newsletter.

Building a vigorous, vocal user community is a secret of eCounsel's evolution and product roadmap.

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