Empower employees at every level of your organization to own strategic implementations and eliminate process bottlenecks with no-code automation.

Now more than ever, companies are expected to do more with less, even as the complexity of their challenges and processes evolve. Luckily, application development and process improvement are no longer just for coders: with citizen development, non-technical employees own their processes and determine their own applications and products.

Discover how to empower employees to own their own solutions, mitigating IT backlogs and getting projects off the ground faster and more effectively.

Download the ebook for in-depth insights on:

  • How to leverage citizen development to drive process automation and digital transformation
  • 3 key benefits of citizen development for your employees and the broader organization 
  • Where and when IT fits into the picture
TAP Workflow Automation

Discover how self-service automation empowers employees at every level of your organization to streamline, standardize, and improve processes — cross-departmentally and worldwide.