Amid Rising Law Firm Rates, Fragmented Spend, and Lost Leverage, AdvanceLaw is Helping Legal Teams Re-Imagine Their Law Firm Relationships.

GCs are struggling to keep law firm spending in check, cost pressure is increasing, and there’s no clear path to delivering law firm cost savings — until now. 

AdvanceLaw has an established track record of delivering double-digit outside counsel cost savings by helping legal teams transform their law firm relationships. We’ve Implemented the outside counsel transformation model across industries like technology, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, consumer products, and financial services. Contact us today for a complimentary cost-savings analysis to evaluate the opportunities in your legal department.

Download the AdvanceLaw Outside Counsel Transformation Support Brochure to learn more about Key elements of our approach, including:

  • Migration of work from elite firms to heavily-vetted “blue chip value” firms with 30-50% lower rates
  • “Sourcing as a Service” to identify the best-qualified, best-priced, and diverse lawyers for new matters
  • Metrics to monitor performance and incentivize law firm efficiency
  • Analytics for visibility into spend migration & enabling controls over firm retention 
  • Reporting to track progress towards majority-diverse matter staffing & so much more!

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