Understand your EUC and Spreadsheet risk with a ClusterSeven Health Check.

Nearly 90% of all spreadsheets have errors. 1 in 5 large businesses have suffered financial losses because of spreadsheet errors. Do you know the risks lurking in your enterprise’s spreadsheets and models?

Gain control of your spreadsheets by running a ClusterSeven Health Check. With a Health Check, you can automate the discovery of your EUC assets (including models, tools, calculators, and spreadsheets), learn how to risk-assess them, and then store them in an active inventory as part of your ongoing business-as-usual continuity process.
Don’t get caught off guard by the risks hidden throughout your EUC and spreadsheet estate.

Learn how a ClusterSeven Health Check will:

  • Automate the discovery process to quickly uncover the “shadow IT” assets across your enterprise.
  • Risk assess the spreadsheets and other file types for technical complexity and identify those to monitor as part of your Operational Resilience or CCPA program.
  • Discover how your EUCs connect with other EUCs and IT applications.
  • Automate the version control processes over key EUC applications.

Download our brochure to learn how you can get an EUC Health Check today.