Watch our webinar with DISH Network, Prudential Financial, and Nature’s Sunshine Products for insight into policy implementation and management in the workplace.

When every geographic region where your organization operates comes with its own unique set of regulations (which also shift independently over time), it starts to feel impossible to stay on top of every change. And there’s no rule book for putting policy into practice — how are you supposed to know if you’ve implemented a policy as intended? And to that end, where are you supposed to find the time to constantly revise processes, revisit your employee handbook, and communicate policies in real-time for each new regulation?

It helps to learn tips and tricks from experts who do it daily. Tune in as leaders across multiple industries discuss policy implementation, best practices, and insights. These companies of varying sizes, services, and industries will navigate their approach to policy management. This discussion will cover everything you need to know to keep your enterprise up-to-date and compliant.

Secure your spot today and come prepared to discuss:
  • Recent regulation shifts at the state and federal level
  • Real-life examples of policy implementation and management in action
  • Where technology comes into play to streamline and accelerate the process
Expert Speakers:
  • David Deitering, General Manager – HR Compliance Vertical at Mitratech
  • Rene Barreda, Chief People Officer, Mitratech
  • Marat Borodovsky, VP, Corporate Technology Functions at Prudential Financial
  • AK Miller, PMP, Human Resources Project Manager at DISH Network
  • Aaron Nielson, Security Systems Architect at Nature’s Sunshine Products

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