Draft a a workflow used to mass offboard any number of employees, including mass offboardings.


  • TAP allows for processing of any number of offboardings at once.
  • TAP sends out notifications to employees along with required forms/documents for them to complete.
  • Online self-service forms can simplify and expedite employee compliance.
  • Any internal approvals and notifications can be built into the workflow for automatic fulfillment.
  • Document completion and workflow progress can be centrally monitored by HR and other designated stakeholders.
  • Once the offboarding was complete, all documents are automatically filed.


  • Drives greater efficiency by standardizing the process, even across a large number of offboarded employees.
  • By accelerating the process, can prevent unauthorized use of enterprise assets.
  • Reduces errors and audit flags through automation.
  • Reduces complaint risks by tracking and recording user actions.
  • Automated notifications and alerts ensure compliance.
  • Workflow and documentation are securely archived in the Cloud for later retrieval and auditing, if necessary.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.