Replace the mundane and empower Legal Rising

By automating wasteful manual processes, TAP optimizes Legal Operations, so ROI is almost instant. Making Legal a performance and innovation leader within your company.

Smarter, faster processes

Smarter, faster processes

Design even complex workflows and forms with ease and embedded best practices, while slashing errors and costs.

Quick Time-to-Value

Quick Time-to-Value

Quick adoption, intuitive UI/UX, and immediate efficiency gains mean you’re seeing ROI in weeks, not months or quarters.

Superior support

Superior support

Rely on the proven partnership of a renowned TAP support team, backed by the world leader in legal software.

Optimize Your Legal Operations

TAP Workflow Automation eliminates the costs, errors, and inefficiencies that compromise Legal Ops performance.

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Can’t beat the clock?

TAP is “transformational,” as one user puts it, saving “thousands of hours” of staff time while cutting delays and costs.

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Held back by human errors?

Automating workflows removes human intervention – and human errors that can be costly.

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Hit-or-miss teamwork?

Real-time collaboration via TAP means teams can work in unison on projects, edit documents and more.

Number 4

Expensive archiving?

TAP economically backs up workflows to Cloud servers, for easier compliance tracking and disaster recovery.

Number 5

Squandered skills?

Manually prepping or finding documents wastes attorneys’ costly time; TAP frees them for more productive work.

Number 6

Non-existent oversight?

Workflows, forms, assets, audit trails and more are trackable and accessible from a single secure source, even from mobile.

Just one process proves TAP’s ROI

Just one process proves TAP’s ROI

Here’s how applying TAP Workflow Automation to NDA workflows drives savings. Any others you’d like to automate?



Executing about four NDAs per workday expereinces an ROI of over 100% on its TAP investment.



in labor costs for a 10-person legal department with TeamConnect Essentials.



An average NDA process is 20X faster with TAP.

What do our clients say?

Just one process proves TAP’s ROI
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Explore TAP today

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