Cut the costs of traditional processes and outmoded operations

They mount up rapidly if a legal department isn’t employing up-to-date Legal Operations methods and legal technologies. Here’s how you might be wasting time and money with outmoded processes – costs you can eliminate by using Acuity ELM Essentials:

How does modernizing benefit Legal?

With Acuity ELM Essentials to support Legal Ops, everyone in the department will benefit.

For Corporate Counsel

  • Easy matter updates​
  • Quick invoice approvals​
  • Outlook integration​
  • Tasks & appointments​
  • Personalized homepage​
  • Key date notifications​
  • Document & knowledge management​
  • Mobile friendly​

For Paralegals & Legal Operations

  • New matter wizard​
  • Robust reporting & search​
  • Flexible budgeting templates​
  • Enforced billing guidelines​
  • Accrual management​
  • Easy configuration & administration​
  • Bulk edit & reassignment​
  • Integrated workflow​

For General Counsel

  • Reduced spend​
  • Improved efficiency​
  • Single-source of truth for legal operations​
  • Easy access dashboards​
  • Robust reporting​
  • Budgeting & accrual management​
  • Group & matter security​

“You have to start. That’s the most difficult piece. Start. And once you start, it (legal department transformation) begins to self-perpetuate.”

Connie Brenton, Chief of Staff/Sr. Director of Legal Operations at NetApp, founder of CLOC

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