The Risk Management solution for growing organizations who want a smarter tool for managing risks and incidents.

Spreadsheets and paper aren’t enough

Across multiple departments, not all risks may be adequately monitored, or incidents properly reported. OCEG® says 53% of organizations are managing GRC using spreadsheets, documents and e-mail, and only 27% feel their technology is aligned with their risk management needs.

Use the RM solution that updates risk management

OpsRiskControl is our Risk Management (RM) solution for growing organizations. Managing risks and incidents the “traditional” way isn’t viable anymore; adopt the perfect tool for transforming how you protect your company.

Transform how you manage risk and incident reporting

OpsRiskControl offers features and benefits designed to move you out of manual process into the first stages of automation.


Identify, Assess, and Prioritize:

OpsRiskControl’s Risk Register provides quick access to identified risks at any time via a sophisticated and flexible search functionality.

Securely store and manage legal matters

Centralize and Optimize:

A single central and searchable repository eliminates the need for risk managers to collate, view, and analyze multiple documents in different formats in order to produce accurate reports.


Minimize and Control:

Once a risk has been recorded, controls can be installed to mitigate the risk to proactively protect all stakeholders, such as shareholders, employees, customers and regulators.


Monitor and Report:

OpsRiskControl provides consistent reporting, allowing you and your Board to intuitively track and monitor trends using real-time, accurate risk information to guide decision-making.


Streamline Risk-Related Processes:

Automated reminders can alert process participants to carry out required actions; risk information can be shared across the organization to ensure risks are dealt with effectively – while embedding a proactive risk management culture.


Prove Your Compliance:

Demonstrate to both auditors and regulators that inherent risks are being duly mitigated and residual values are accurate, both for current and historic periods.

A proven suite of legal technology solutions

TeamConnect is just one product in a family of legal management software solutions that have been adopted by legal departments everywhere, in multiple industries.

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