SYNTRIO - Anonymous Hotline Reporting Services + Compliance Training

Create a Speak-Up, Listen-Up Culture with the #1 Workplace Ethics Hotline and Compliance Training Platform

Mitratech Syntrio believes you can have it all – a world-class, highly secure ethics hotline and case management system paired with an innovative collection of microlearning and communication tools, modern workforce compliance training, and expert guidance. All are developed by employment law attorneys, experienced practitioners, and online educators.

Guarantee Anonymity, Confidentiality, and Security

Our modern offerings surpass legacy solutions by enabling you to easily and cost-effectively:

  • Empower employees with important reporting skills to effectively speak up – and be heard
  • Enable managers to develop better empathy and listening competencies
  • Validate (should you choose) and reinforce whether the program is working through digital pulse surveys
  • Reinforce a speak-up, listen-up culture with 7 modern libraries of compliance training
Workplace Ethics and Compliance Platform
Workplace Ethics and Compliance Platform Awards

Mitratech Brings Home Five Telly Awards for Excellence in eLearning and Compliance Training


Workplace Ethics and Compliance Program

Design and Customize Your Workplace Ethics and Compliance Program

Explore Our Two Unique Solutions:

Anonymous Reporting Hotline

Mitratech Syntrio is the #1 ethics and reporting hotline and case management system, trusted by organizations worldwide to ensure compliance with secure and anonymous reporting. We guarantee anonymity, confidentiality and security with an easy-to-use, reliable service.

Comprehensive Compliance Training

Our modern compliance training – harassment, discrimination, code of conduct and other essentials – is developed by employment law attorneys, experienced practitioners and online educators to inspire and grow your civil and respectful workplace.


Modern Training & Learning Libraries for Elevating Workplace Ethics and Compliance

Employment Law, Harassment & Discrimination

Mitratech is a pioneer in the employment law marketplace with over 20 years of experience supporting organizational transformation from harassment training to creating a civil and respectful workplace. This modern and expansive library keeps you compliant and sets the proper tone for your organization.


Creating a cyber-aware culture requires employees to understand the pervasive and evolving threats to your environment. Working with Mitratech, you can create a robust curriculum that addresses a wide range of risks, meets your cyber security requirements and ensures the proper training is available across your organization.

Hotline Learning

Our comprehensive offering uniquely enables employees to learn new ethics reporting skills that increase confidence and trust in your organization, while empowering managers with listening and investigating proficiencies to address reported concerns. This exclusive program helps everyone develop skills with communication tools, speak up and listen up microlearning, and report investigation training.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mitratech offers the industry’s most robust collection of DEI offerings, which enables your organization to align a curriculum that is driven by your most impactful issues and topics. Our ability to combine over 500 training assets enables you to offer a broad range of aspirational modules to your employees.

Ethics & Compliance

The backbone of every traditional compliance program is a code of conduct, which sets the tone and culture for your organization. In addition to this critical training, you will benefit from our vast regulatory and cultural training library for your ongoing learning and development needs.

Business Skills

An affirmative and positive culture requires employees to be skilled in communication, leadership and other critical aspects of their day-to-day jobs. Our business skills library allows employees to develop important employee skill sets that enable them to reach greater levels of achievement.

Health & Safety

This selection enables you to nurture one of the most important elements of your culture: the safety and well-being of employees. Our comprehensive library allows you to build a healthy curriculum that aligns perfectly with your overall culture and compliance program.

Ready to Elevate Your Workplace Ethics and Compliance Program with the #1 Workplace Ethics Hotline and Compliance Training Platform?


One Partner. One Culture.

Setting the appropriate tone and culture within an organization requires a 360-degree approach to addressing culture and compliance. Organizations must embrace all employees – from senior leaders to individual contributors – across a diverse set of requirements, including people who may not have access to a computer.

Our high-value, innovative solutions are easy to implement and consume so you’ll soon be on your way toward advancing a higher-performing, civil, and respectful workplace that manages risk while improving overall performance. Simply put, good things happen when you have highly engaged employees.

Ethics & Compliance Management Software

Top-Tier Ethics & Compliance Management Software with Best-in-Class Features

Syntrio - Training Innovation

Training Innovation

Mitratech offers over 1,000 courses divided into 7 different award-winning libraries. They are all customizable, online courses written by leading business and compliance law experts and instructional designers to address the most pressing and relevant business, ethics, and compliance training issues.

Video Scenarios on Current and Emerging Issues

Video Scenarios on Current and Emerging Issues

Cinematic-quality video scenarios and an engaging narrator guide learners through emerging issues such as online harassment, harassment outside of work, bystander awareness and intervention, diversity, equity and inclusion, and associational discrimination.

Customization to Your Needs

Customization to Your Needs

Personalize your courses with a welcome message, logo, and policies to meet your unique needs. All the important features you need are here, including English and Latin American Spanish, US 508 accessibility, SCORM and AICC formats, and rich media and text-only tracks.

Deep Industry Investment

Deep Industry Investment

Through our private equity funding, Mitratech is empowered to invest strategically in ongoing product development in technology and content solutions. In addition to our new compliance library, supporting technologies (including our Learning Management System, Global Reporting Hotline, and Case Management System) have positioned Mitratech as a total solution provider in the ethics and compliance space.

Extensive Network of Subject Matter Experts

Extensive Network of Subject Matter Experts

Mitratech’s subject matter experts provide input throughout the development process. With their deep content expertise across compliance, ethics, employment law, diversity and inclusion, cybersecurity, business skills, and health and safety topics, they provide localized and global-reaching training.

Strategy & Implementation

Strategy & Implementation

Customer service, support, and success are our #1 imperative. We pride ourselves on building a team of experienced professionals focused on developing “best-in-class” customer programs for real results and working together with customers to develop roadmaps for today and the future. With Mitratech on your side, you can be up and running in hours, not weeks!

We Work for You – 98% of Customers Award Our Service Five Stars.

“With Mitratech Syntrio, we can easily switch up our training topics from year to year without starting from scratch.”

– Sarah G. Lynn, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & Head of Corporate Legal, Perspecta GreenTech Solutions

“Thanks to the extensive selection and quality of Mitratech’s courses, we know that we will have the training curriculum needed to make Swarovski Optik North America the best place to work for our employees.”

– Chris Porrazzo, Sr. Hr & Risk Specialist at Swarovski Optik

FAQs about Ethics and Compliance Management Software

We offer a comprehensive range of compliance training programs covering topics such as workplace ethics, anti-harassment, data privacy, anti-corruption, health and safety, and more. Our training modules are designed to be engaging and interactive, ensuring maximum retention and compliance.

Our anonymous hotline reporting service allows employees to report concerns or violations confidentially. Reports can be made via phone, email, or online, and are handled by trained professionals who ensure anonymity and provide detailed follow-up to resolve issues effectively.

Yes, our compliance training programs can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organization. We work closely with you to understand your policies, procedures, and industry regulations to develop customized content that aligns with your compliance goals.

We prioritize the anonymity and confidentiality of all reports. Our system is designed to prevent the disclosure of the reporter’s identity. Additionally, we use secure communication channels and data encryption to protect the integrity of the information provided.

We offer comprehensive support to our clients, including implementation assistance, user training, ongoing technical support, and regular updates to our training content. Our dedicated customer service team is available to address any questions or concerns and ensure the smooth operation of our services.

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